12 Best Cape Cod Beaches You Don’t Want to Miss

Photo by jennalex via Flickr - Cape Cod Beaches

Mar 26, 2020 12:00 PM

Cape Cod in Massachusetts is a popular place to spend a summer holiday. No wonder, as a peninsula in the United States, it has a lot of beautiful and quiet beaches along its shoreline. 

Its quaint villages, seafood, lighthouses, ponds, and bay are other unique things that attract tourists worldwide. Are you one of them? Do you have plan to visit Cape Cod beaches in the near future? 

Take your time to explore these 12 best beaches in Cape Cod and see which one you like the most! We compile all of them for you!

Sandy Neck Beach, West Barnstable (Dog Friendly)

Photo by Joy via Flickr - Sandy Neck Beach

Sandy Neck Beach is one of Cape Cod Beaches that will make you fall in love with its stunning scenery and dunes. People like to stroll along the beach, looking for seashells, sea glass and rocks. 

There is also an area available for people who wants to camp overnight Good news for camping lovers, campfires are allowed on this beach. Parking is $20/day. If you’re lucky, you can see Snowy Owls around the beach! You can also bring along your dogs, except from May 15 to September 15.

Race Point Beach, Provincetown (Dog Friendly)

Photo by rosinberg via Flickr - Race Point Beach

Cape Cod Beaches has its own unique feature that succeeds to attract tourists. As for Race Point Beach, you can enjoy an unspoiled stretch of beach while watching seals whales and seals in the water!

While strolling along the shoreline, you can feel the soft sand touching your feet. There is also a bike path so you can ride your bike while enjoying the warm breeze and view of the beach! You can also play with your dogs as long as they're on leash. 

Old Silver Beach, North Falmouth (Dog Friendly)

photo by Chris Dignes via Flickr - Old Silver Beach

Another Cape Cod beaches with soft sand is Old Silver Beach. This beach is equipped with facilities such as snack bar, bathroom, and changing station. Lifeguards are on duty as well. 

There are plenty of parking lots but make sure that you arrive early so you won’t have to queue for parking. The water is shallow so it’s great if you want to bring your kids along. It's a dog friendly beach when it's on season.

Coast Guard Beach, Eastham (Dog Friendly)

photo by Massachusetts Office Of Travel and Tourism via Flickr - Coast Guard Beach

Coast Guard Beach is where you can see sharks in Cape Cod beaches! But remember that you’ll need to be extra careful when visiting this beautiful beach. 

The parking lot is rather far from the site. But don’t worry, there will be a shuttle bus ready to take you from the parking lot to the beach. There is also a lighthouse that will make your Instagram post extra cute. Dogs are allowed as long as they're on leash and is not within the guarded areas.

Longnook Beach, Truro

photo by Ollie Jones via Flickr - Longnook Beach

Ever wondered how it feels like to visit a nude beach? Or, you want to try visiting one? You can go to Longnook Beach in Truro! It’s a large beach with different sections. 

If you’re bringing your family and kids, there are areas far from the nude beach available for you. The nude beach itself is quite large and people mind their own business there. 

Park rangers will pass by a couple of times on their ATVs but they’re just checking the bird nests, no need to be worried. But remember to be respectful while you’re there!

Craigville Beach, Centerville (Dog Friendly)

photo by Joy via Flickr - Craigville Beach

One of the best Cape Cod beaches! Craigville Beach serves its visitors with a scenic view of the ocean and warm water. Facilities available such as bathrooms and lifeguards who are on duty. It’s a perfect beach for a walk. 

You can see wildlife especially birds getting feed. The waves are rather calm. Non-resident parking is USD20 for a day. It can get a bit crowded on beach days especially weekends so you should arrive earlier if you plan to visit on those days! Dogs are welcome from September 15 to May 15.

Ballston Beach, Truro

photo by tameeturnup via Instagram - Ballston Beach

If you want to experience strolling on a peaceful and quiet beach, then Ballston Beach is a perfect place for you. There are sand formations on the sand dunes, as well as extraordinary rock formation if you walked down the beach. 

It is also a perfect place to enjoy the sun rising from the Atlantic. There is wildlife at the beach such as birds, seals and possibly the dorsal fin of a white shark.

Herring Cove Beach, Provincetown (Dog Friendly)

Photo by Massachusetts Office Of Travel & Tourism via Flickr - Herring Cove Beach

Herring Cove beach is one of Cape Cod beaches that is very spacious. It has beautiful scenery of the shoreline and many wildlife around. The parking is easy. 

For the beach facilities, bathrooms, changing rooms, and a snack bar are available there. The view of the sunset is spectacular! This beach also has many access, whether on a bike, causeway walk or parking/driving. Keep in mind that the tide can get higher quickly, so be careful! Dogs are welcome as long as they're not within the guarded areas and on leash at all times.

Newcomb Hollow Beach, Wellfleet (Dog Friendly)

Photo by Beth Knittle via Flickr - Newcomb Hollow Beach

Enjoy seeing whales in a peaceful atmosphere of Newcomb Hollow Beach! You’ll experience the relaxing vibe of the beach and sightseeing the unique shaped eroding dunes just around the beach. Dogs are welcome all year round but from May 15 to October 15 they must be on leash.

Don’t forget to taste a yummy meal you can purchase from the nearest food truck! But, you might have heard about the Newcomb Hollow Shark attack before. No worries, as long as you can keep yourself off the water, you’ll be safe!

Cahoon Hollow Beach, Wellfleet (Dog Friendly)

Photo by Christian EagerFollow via Flickr - Cahoon Hollow Beach

Another one of Cape Cod beaches is Cahoon Hollow Beach. You can enjoy the sunset view from this beach. It has a dramatic landscape with massive dunes on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

This beach is quite popular for young adults because of The Wellfleet Beachcomber, a popular seaside bar and restaurant situated near the parking lot of Cahoon Hollow Beach.

Be careful of the steep dunes. It seems dangerous for families with young kids to step down to the beach, but there is a rope to hold on to. Dogs are welcome all year round but they must be on leash from May 15 to October 15 and are not within the guarded area from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Nauset Beach, Orleans

Photo by DC_Rebecca via Flickr - Nauset Beach

Entertain yourself in a long white sandy shoreline of Nauset Beach, Orleans. It has big waves and is fairly windy. You can find plenty of shells as well. 

This beach has always been popular so you’ll have to come early to get the best spot on the beach. Keep in mind that the water is rather cold and there may be some sharks around the beach. Pets are allowed on the off season only!

Lighthouse Beach, Chatham (Dog Friendly)

Photo by Doug Kerr via Flickr - Chatham Lighthouse

Lighthouse beach is one of the loveliest Cape Cod beaches. It has a gorgeous view of the ocean. It has a working lighthouse, Chatham Light, at the Coast Guard Station. Be aware of the posted flags, though.

It means that you can’t swim anywhere on the beach. Whether or not you want to swim, you can enjoy watching seals chit-chatting around the beach. The sand is fine and clean as well. Dogs are allowed on leash no longer than 6 feet.