5 Best Restaurants with Perfect Night View in Bangkok, Feel the Romantic Vibe

Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay

Feb 14, 2020 08:26 AM

As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok has the upmost and best service for tourists around the world. Not to mention the variety of foods and drinks that will definitely spoil your taste bud. When it comes to culinary, Bangkok provides everything you need from sweet, sour, salty, spicy, or the combination of those.

When you are tired from an all-day trip, you must recharge your energy. The best answer for this is a dining place with a perfect night view that can cure your fatigue. You will enjoy the warm lighting and romantic vibe while having dinner with your loved one. No worries, restaurants in Bangkok will never disappoint you as it offers affordable price for your travel budget.

Before booking your flight ticket, make sure you have the list of restaurants that suit your type. Buckle up, here we provide you five best restaurants with perfect night view you can find in Bangkok for your remarkable dining.

Issaya Siamese Club

If you’d like to dive deeper learning about the local people of Thailand, Issaya Siamese Club might be the best option. This restaurant is located on a small street, surrounded by beautiful garden that will bring fresh atmosphere for your dining time. This 100-year-old colonial villa Issaya Siamese Club offers a variety of foods you will find in all regions of Thailand. Find this restaurant at Soi Si Aksorn, in Chuea Phloeng Road, Sathon, Bangkok.

Vertigo – Rooftop Dining

You can see the glamorous view of Bangkok city through Vertigo. This restaurant is situated on the rooftop, 61 floors above the busy street of Bangkok. You are entitled to enjoy the luxury cocktails, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages. The outdoor decoration of this restaurant will give you and your loved one a memorable dinner. Bring your favorite person to this lovely rooftop restaurant at 21/100 South, S Sathon Rd, Sathon, Bangkok.

Hua Pla Chong Nonsi Restaurant

This restaurant is the perfect place to taste local foods. Hua Pla Chong Nonsi Restaurant serves mouthwatering foods but still maintain the original taste. The service is fast even though the staffs don’t speak English much. It’s best to visit Hua Pla Chong Nonsi at night because you can feel the nightlife in this small but wide restaurant. No worries, you don’t need to spend much on the foods since this restaurant has affordable price. Hua Pla Chong Nonsi can be found at Charan Sanit Wong Road, in Bang Phlat District, Bangkok.

Ruen Mallika

Ruen Mallika is a restaurant similar to traditional teak house you can visit during your trip in Bangkok. The architecture will make you feel like local people. This place allows you to taste royal Thai culinary served on unique plating. During the night, you can choose either the outdoor or indoor seating. You can visit Ruen Mallika at 189 Soi Sukhumvit 22, in Sukhumvit Road Khlong Toei, Bangkok.

Namsaah Bottling Trust

Namsaah Bottling Trust’s most famous menu goes to tuna ceviche marinated in coconut milk and green chilli, Michelin Guide reports. While enjoying the foods, you are spoiled with the restaurant’s design, pink-themed house with funky interior. Namsaah Bottling Trust also provides outdoor dining to give you a more romantic feeling. If you are wondering the real appearance of this restaurant, go to 401 Soi Si Lom 7 in Si Lom Road, Bang Rak, Bangkok.