8 Essential Items Most Travelers Forget to Pack for Vacation

Packing on vacation - Image by LUM3N from Pixabay

Mar 06, 2020 17:20 PM

Have you ever been on a vacation and forget to bring something essential and it ruins your vacation? Guess everyone has done this at least once.

Although you think that you have already prepared your things carefully, you will still possibly forget something vital. There are some essential items you always use but often forgotten.

It can be something small or big that you use in daily activities. Wonder what it is? Here are the essential items most travelers often forget to pack but will regret not having it in your suitcase.


A hairbrush is one of the common things that people often forget to bring on a vacation. Besides, not all hotels provide a hairbrush for the guests. So, it is really important to bring your own hairbrush because your hair needs it!

Hand Sanitizer

You really need to pay attention to your cleanliness. There are so many viruses and bacteria out there.

It is better and really important to stay clean to avoid any possible illness. Hand sanitizer in a travel-friendly bottle is a great option to keep your hands clean. 


If you got a headache or a runny nose during your trip, make sure you have the right remedy on your hand.

Bringing your own medication means you don’t need to interrupt your vacation by visiting a pharmacy. Travel tip: never forget to bring a travel first aid kit and keep the medicine well-stocked.


Don’t forget about sunblock! It is another common but very important thing that most travelers often forget to pack. During your vacation, you will be exposed to the sun.

Only a few people know that the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the main cause of skin cancer. So, it is important to protect yourself from harmful sunrays whether when you are at a beach or just strolling around the city. 

Lip balm

Dry weather can cause chapped lips. It is the worst condition you may face on your vacation. It's because your lips will be cracked and peeled or end up bleeding.

To avoid the Chapped lips, apply a lip balm on your lips to soothe and hydrate the lips. You can put it in your pocket or small purse so you can find it anytime you need it. 


It is a great idea to always pack an umbrella or a raincoat. The weather could possibly change even though the weather forecast didn't say so.

So, make sure you bring an umbrella just in case the rain pours. Choose a travel-sized umbrella that fits on your carry-on suitcase!


Sunlight can be too strong and it can damage your eyes even in cloudy weather. Thus, packing sunglasses for your trip is not a bad choice.

This item is important because it will protect you from the dazzling sun. It will make you look cool while enjoying your vacation. 

Laundry bag

You will definitely have many dirty clothes during your vacation. Instead of putting it back on your suitcase, keep your laundries separated from clean items. You need to bring your laundry bag for every trip so it won't merge with other clean clothes.