7 Stunning Embroidery Ideas You May Want to Try During Pandemic!

Pexels - Photo by Dominika Roseclay

Jul 29, 2020 09:23 PM

During this time of pandemic, many people picked up new hobbies. Some started painting, knitting, cooking, and many more activities that they we haven’t had the time of doing before the pandemic.

If you’re interested in knitting, take a look at these embroidery ideas that will totally inspire you. They use different canvasses and variety of patterns, materials, turning into stunning embroidery artwork that are truly one-of-a-kind! Get ready with your hoops and threads, because you’re definitely going to want to try these.

1. House-corner inspired embroidery
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Don’t know what kind of scene you want to knit on your canvas? Why don’t you take a look of the corners in your own house, they may have something for you!

2. Flowers on strainer

Don’t have any canvas? Why don’t you go to your kitchen and grab your strainer! This artist makes simple embroidery art with strainer as well, and it’s gorgeous!

3. Embroidery on a mesh fabric
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Embroidering on a mesh fabric could result in a very pretty embroidery art too! Like this artist, she made hand-inspired embroidery on it.

4. Lavender fields

In this embroidery art, the clouds stands out the most from the canvas and it’s super pretty!

5. Scenery inspired embroidery

Ever went to a place where the scenery is too pretty? Well, aside from a photo, why don’t you immortalize it by making an embroidery art out of the scenery?

6. Tennis racket embroidery

This artist made embroidery arts on tennis racket and it’s super stunning! It’s definitely challenging, but looking at the result, it’s going to be worth it.

7. Canvas shoe embroidery
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Got a shoe made of canvas? Make it prettier by putting some embroidery art on it! Not only your shoe will be prettier, there will be no shoe that is similar to yours!