5 Things You Need to Know About Black Sand Beach Maui

5 Things You Need to Know About Black Sand Beach Maui
Black Sand Beach Maui - image from engagedonmaui.com
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Black Sand Beach Maui is some beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii that have unique black sand. The black sand was made of basalt which was formed as the result of a mountain explosion.

The beach attracts people for its pitch-black, dark, as well as mysterious sand. To find out other interesting facts about Black Sand Beach Maui, check out the list below.

Why Does Black Sand Beach Hawaii Maui Has Black Color?

Black Sand Beach Maui - image from pixabay

Black Sand Beach Maui is clearly interesting because they are different from an average tan-colored sand beach. The combination of black sand, white crash waves, and the blue ocean always succeed in impressing people. But how is it formed?

The black sand beaches in Maui are made of the most common type of black sand in Earth. The type of this black sand is formed by volcanic materials and lava fragments.

Where is Black Sand Beach in Maui?

Black sand beaches are mainly found in Hawaii. But, some black beaches can also be found in volcanic islands such as the Canary Islands and Iceland.

If you are in Hawaii, Black Sand Beach Maui is a must-visit natural attraction during your trip. The obvious contrast between the black sand and the beautiful blue ocean will instantly take your breath away.

Remember to be careful when you decide to go to this beach. It's because the Black Sand Beach Maui is popular for its fast drop off from the beach into deep water.

Is There Another Black Sand Beach in Maui?

Oneuli Beach - image from Oneuli Beach (on map)

One of the best black sand beaches in Maui is Wai’napanapa black sand beach. It’s located in Wai’napanapa State Park on the road to Hana. Specifically, it’s located at mile marker 32.

There is another beautiful black sand beach in Maui called One’uli Black Sand Beach. It’s much closer to the resort area of Maui (close to Wailea and Kihei). In fact, it is much less popular than Wai’napanapa Black Sand Beach.

It is because One’uli Black Sand Beach is not the best kind of beach to hang out or simply for holiday. If you plan to relax and sunbathe on this beach, you should know that the sand can quickly disappear.

However, One’uli Black Sand Beach is still a great place to go if you want to enjoy snorkeling and diving. On this beach, you can find a coral reef lying close to the shore. Therefore, you can see a great variety of sea creatures up close such as Green Sea Turtles.

What are the Facilities?

If you want to see the wet caves and lava tubes, you can look at the trail signs beyond the beach access point to the left. On the southeast side, there is the Ohala Heiau in the Wainapanapa Coastal Trail goes all the way to Hana town.

Besides, you can also find the blowhole or marine geyser on the way. Wainapanapa is also a wonderful spot for bird enthusiasts since many seabirds often visit this area. If you want to camp here, you need to ask for permission.

The permission can be obtained through the DLNR. In addition, there are twelve cabins available in The Wainapanapa State Park. They are available to be rented. There are restrooms and picnic areas for day time visitors. However, unfortunately, there is no lifeguard available.

What are the Fun Things to Do in Black Sand Beach Maui?

Black Sand Beach Maui is probably not a large beach, but you can still do fun activities here. First, you can soak in the fantastic beauty. You may find a little cave that overlooks the water and shines at the beautiful blue water.

Be careful, the rock can be slippery. Listen to relaxing sounds of the waves crashing against the lava rock, then have a walk along the line of the beach to see the beautiful view.

Additionally, sometimes you can see sea turtles too since it’s not rare to see them in one trip. If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can visit a gift shop in Maui Black Sand Beach before you head back.

Black Sand Beach Maui will be a spectacular place to relax and snap some photos. You can see the two toned beautiful blue water, the black sand, the white crashing waves that are spectacularly beautiful.

Don’t forget to bring your sandals since the sand can get rocky. Besides, the black sand beaches are considerably hotter than white sand beaches.

Therefore, remember to bring your footwear along. So, have you included the Black Sand Beach Maui into your itinerary?


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