5 Top Lake Michigan Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

5 Top Lake Michigan Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss
Photo by john koenig via Flickr

Tripboba.com - Are you planning on visiting Chicago for a vacation? We will recommend you to come to the Lake Michigan beaches! Lake Michigan is included as one of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is even called the ‘Third Coast’ because of its long coastline and lots of beaches.

If you've never been to a Lake Michigan beaches, you're missing out on one of America's finest treasures. Many people are looking for beaches on Lake Michigan for their summer vacation. But not many people know which one is the best to spend their leisure time. 

Beaches on Lake Michigan

Photo by Steve Lamb via Flickr

If you want to visit one of Lake Michigan beaches, it is better to choose the south and eastern parts of the lake. Most of the sandiest beaches around Lake Michigan are situated on the southern and eastern shores. The northern and western parts shoreline are dominated by rocky areas. 

Lake Michigan beaches on the southern and eastern parts are perfect to dig your toes in the sugar-like sand. It is also soft and clean! The clear-cut water and the magical sunsets never fail to draw many visitors to come here. 

Mesmerizing views, white and soft sand, and colossal dunes and many kinds of wildlife can also be found in some of the Lake Michigan beaches. 

What are they? Spend your summer vacation at these amazing Lake Michigan beaches listed by Tripboba special for you, beach lovers!

1.    Oval Beach 

Photo by Nhat Le via Flickr

Oval Beach is one of the most popular beaches in North America. It is definitely a must-visit destination if you want to have an amazing vacation. Oval Beach is located in Saugatuck, Michigan. This beach is very popular because it has the most beautiful view.

You will be spoiled by the amazing ocean view no matter which part of the beach you choose to visit. It will also give you the best memorable experience that lasts a lifetime through its calm water and super soft sand. 

Here, you will be provided with special facilities, such as restrooms, concessions, picnic tables, BBQs, showers, and play areas. There is also a big pier that offers the Kalamazoo river’s views.

2.    Saugatuck Dunes State Park 

Photo by William Selman via Flickr

Saugatuck Dunes State Park is situated right by Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan. This beach is another best beach in Lake Michigan. Like what the name says, this place offers several amusing sand dunes to be explored. 

Beachgoers can get so much fun to explore dunes and enjoy incredible views from the top. You can also find some dunes reaching 200 feet in total. This state park is completed with spectacular hiking trails and a nice picnic area for guests.

Another great thing about Saugatuck Dunes Start Park is that the beach runs for over two miles, so even on busy days, you can always find a nice private spot.

3.   Lake Erie Beaches Michigan - Cedar Point Beach

Photo by Ken Lund via Flickr

There are actually so many beaches that can be found near Lake Michigan. One of the best beaches you can visit is Cedar Point Beach. 

[silver lake sand dunes and cedar point beaches are located in the two different locations. please explain more about the cedar point beach.

4.    North Avenue Beach

Photo by Marco Verch via Flickr

This place is perfect for people who love a windy city in Chicago’s best spots. North Avenue Beach is open every day, it offers incredible views of the Chicago skyline on one side and the bold blue waters of Lake Michigan on the other. 

You can also find local amenities and restaurants. There are also plenty of good bars that are just a short walk away. The beach is also popular because of its hotspot for games and activities like volleyball and jet skiing. 

If you want to find bike rentals, don’t worry! The bike rentals can easily be found as well as kayaks, paddleboards, jet skis, wakeboards, and more.

5.    South Beach Park

Photo by Works Family via Flickr

South Beach Park is situated in South Haven, Michigan. It is considered as one of the most family-friendly locations around the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Everyone can have a lot of fun here because there are plenty of fun areas and activities. You can also find a skate park for teens as well as volleyball spots for all the family. 

The calm water allows you to swim at South Beach Park. This place is the best for people who want to relax and escape from daily routines.


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