6 New Brighton State Beach Camping Guides, Get the Best Outdoor Stay Experience

6 New Brighton State Beach Camping Guides, Get the Best Outdoor Stay Experience
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California can be named as a heaven to many campers. We can say that New Brighton State Beach is one location you can refer to the popular campground in town. It's a beach park located on Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz County, California. 

Just like Carpinteria State Beach, New Brighton State Beach is also located inside a reserve park. It's home to a wide range of wildlife which will bring you closer to nature. This beach park is near Seacliff State Beach, famous for the fishing pier and a historic tanker called The Palo Alto.

New Brighton State Beach overlooks Soquel Cove and Monterey Bay. This beautiful sandy beach is completed with breathtaking forest areas. It makes the beach a large campground with hiking trails. Besides swimming and tanning on the beach, it’d be totally a good idea to camp there!

For you who are new to a beach camp, don’t worry! Tripboba presents you 6 complete guides on getting the best camping experience at New Brighton State Beach! Scroll down!

New Brighton State Beach Weather

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Always make sure to plan your camp ahead and decide the best time by paying attention to the weather. New Brighton State Beach is located on Santa Cruz region. The location makes the beach park has warm and mild weather. 

Usually, the rains fall more often in winters rather than summers. With a mild temperature without any extreme weather change, we recommend you to go camping on warm days.

Don’t forget to check daily weather forecasts to predict the upcoming days, making sure that your camping will be hassle-free.

New Brighton State Beach Campground

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New Brighton State Beach Campground is on the wooded cliff overlooking the beach. It has a number of campgrounds divided into some areas: there are tent-only sites, hookup sites, premium sites, accessible sites, and group sites.

The campground has complete facilities. There are picnic tables, grills, water and sanitation stations, restrooms and showers, campfire circle, parking area, and some RV facilities. Yes, you can have an RV camping here!

There are some camping rules you have to understand. Group sites are only available for use between March 1 and November 30. Accessible sites are designated for disabled people. You can bring a shade tent in case you get an uncomfortable spot with too much lighting from the sun. 

Bringing quarters or coins for showering is advisable. You also have to be cautious of raccoons at night because they may steal your food. Bad news for pet owners, you have to pay attention to the regulations if you want to bring along your dog.

New Brighton State Beach campground is open for public visitors in springs and summers. Last but not least, it’s important to respect your neighbors: don’t disturb other campers, don’t make too much noise, and respect one another's privacy!

New Brighton State Beach Reservations

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You can reserve the campsite six months earlier. This way, you won’t miss the chance to experience the memorable camp in New Brighton State Beach. The reservation fees vary from USD35 to USD185 depending on the type of site.

To reserve the campground, you need to go to the California Department of Parks and Recreation’s website. You will be directed to a booking page where you should complete the required information. 

Fill in the date of your stay and complete the rest. By then, you will have to choose one in between a wide selection of campgrounds of New Brighton State Beach. 

New Brighton State Beach Campground Map

The New Brighton State Beach Campground consists of some designated camping areas. The followings are the map of each campsite you can reserve for your best camping experience.

New Brighton Beach State Park

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As home to tons of wildlife, you can expect to meet sea animals like mussels, barnacles, and ocean worms at New Brighton Beach State Park. 

As for the fishes, you’ll find flounder, sole, halibut, and other species around the pier.

There are also a wide variety of birds, otters, and migrating whales. During your stay at the campground, don’t forget to visit The Pacific Migrations Visitor Center. 

This place has many important information about the natural and cultural history of the locals. There’s also a park store where you can buy local products as souvenirs to bring back home.

New Brighton State Beach Campsite Photos

We provide you some New Brighton State Beach Campsite photos to give you clearer portraits of the location!

Flickr - Photo by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious from Flickr

Flickr - Photo by sara mordecai from Flickr

Flickr - Photo by sara mordecai from Flickr

Flickr - Photo by MFTMON from Flickr


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