7 Best Beaches in Italy, Perfect Destination for Your Vitamin Sea Intake

7 Best Beaches in Italy, Perfect Destination for Your Vitamin Sea Intake
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Italy will never stop to amaze you with its beautiful cities and rich history. Everywhere you go, you’ll always bump into beautiful spots, whether it's the historical or natural landscapes. But, Italy isn’t always only about Venice and its famous Gondola, or even the Tower of Pisa. 

With 4,723 miles of coastline, Italy has endless beautiful beaches you should visit at least once in your life. Imagine a soft and white sandy beach, clear and sparkling sea waters, all of them wrapped into one under the blue skies of Italy.

What's more, you will be amazed at the limestone cliffs and antique local houses surrounding the resort you are staying at. But you still don't know which beach you plan to visit? Don't worry, Tripboba will provide you 7 best beaches in Italy with a complete explanation. Here is the list!

San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily Island

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San Vito Lo Capo is one of the best beaches in southern Italy. It's precisely in the northwestern Sicily, the largest island in Italy. This beach is famous for its wonderful stretch of white sand at the foot of Monte Monaco.

You will be spoiled by the crystal clear blue water. It can be seen sparkling along the strip of white sand in a half-moon shape. Aside from the amazing view of the beach, you will also find many restaurants, trattoria (an Italian-style eating establishment), patisseries (Italian bakeries), and ice-cream parlors.

If you want to swim, it's not recommended to go there in May because the water is cold. The amenities are also incomplete during the cold weather. This first best beaches in Italy is perfect to visit months after May. At certain times, you can also book a jet ski. So, what are you waiting for?

Porto Giunco Beach, Sardinia Island

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Porto Giunco is one of the famous and best beaches in Italy. It is a tropical beach in the middle of the Mediterranean, precisely in Sardinia Island. It has beautiful pearly white sand with some pink hues because of the granite fragments.

The water is vivid blue in color and shallow. It will come out so beautiful in your pictures. A bunch of pink flamingos will also welcome you!

Because of the shallow water, it is safe enough for visitors to play at the seashore. No wonder this beach is a perfect place to spend the summer holidays with your loved ones. 

Porto Giunco beach is one of the best beaches in Sardinia, Italy. You’ll be accompanied by a grove of eucalyptus while walking on the trail leading to the pristine beach as well as the tourist port.

Levanto Beach - Northern Italy

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If you're looking for the best beaches in Italy for your honeymoon or just a short escape with your girlfriend, Levanto beach is the answer. Levanto is included in the list of best beaches in northern Italy. You should try walking along the beach and feel the romantic vibe.

If you are tired of walking, you can also come to the nearby bars. Enjoy your drinks while seeing people surfing. Although the beach is not big, it's such a perfect place for your romantic moment with your loved one.

Bagni Tiberio Beach Club, Capri Island

Unlike other beaches that are rather sandy, Bagni Tiberio is covered in sharp volcanic rocks. So, don’t forget to bring your shoes to experience different vibes of vitamin sea! Bagni Tiberio is the first beach club in Capri Island.

No wonder if this beach is on the list of best beaches in Capri, Italy. There is a full-service restaurant with the best seafood cuisines. You should never miss the chance of exploring the coastline on a traditional gozzo (wooden) boat.

Beaches in Puglia (Apulia)

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Puglia is a southern region of the main island in Italy. One of its beautiful little towns is Salento which is only 28 minutes away from Lecce. Lecce itself is famous for its baroque buildings. Some of the best beaches in Italy are Punta Prosciutto and Torre Lapillo Bay.

These two beaches are beautiful sandy beaches where you can sunbathe and enjoy the weather. There is also another beach named Porto Badisco that serves crystal clear blue ocean. You can go on a trip with the boat. Also, this beach is a perfect spot for snorkeling.

Beaches in Naples (Napoli)

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Naples offers you sightseeing and other activities that you can always enjoy in the spring, starting from March until the arrival of June. You will find several best beaches in Naples, Italy. Sorrento is where your summer adventure should begin. Because it’s where you will find some of the best beaches in Italy.

Sorrento’s beaches are small and crowded, especially in summer. You can get along with both local and international tourists. Marina Piccola Beach offers you a lot of chairs to sunbathe. There are also some beaches in Marina Grande where you can taste excellent seafood cuisines there.

Marina di Pisa, Tuscany

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Tuscany is a region in central Italy. And it’s where the famous Tower of Pisa is located. Other than the famous landmark, you should also explore the best beaches in Italy in this area.

One of the recommendations is Marina di Pisa in Tuscany. The marina is home to yachting dock and long jetty. The beach is lined with Pizzerias, ice cream parlors, and bars. This beach is such a perfect destination for family vacation.


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