Coquina Beach and 7 Exciting Things You Should Never Miss

Coquina Beach and 7 Exciting Things You Should Never Miss
Photo by Ray F. via Flickr - Coquina Beach is a perfect beach in Florida. It is voted as one of the “Top 5 Island Beaches for Perfect Sand” in 2015.

Do you like playing on the beach? Do you like playing with sand? 

Coquina Beach is a perfect beach in Florida. It is voted as one of the “Top 5 Island Beaches for Perfect Sand” in 2015. The white sand makes this beach so beautiful. Coquina Beach is also the longest beach in Anna Maria Island.

This scenic beach is located close to a small park on Anna Maria Island.  It has the longest length among other beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Coquina is a wonderful spot to enjoy the day with family or friends. The relaxing vibe, tranquil water, and a spacious room to enjoy the beach will make your vacation more wonderful.

Here are 7 things you should know about this amazing destination. 

1. Accessing Coquina Beach

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Direction from Bradenton:

Coquina Beach is located along NC Highway 12, about 8 miles south of the Nags Head town borders. It is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. From South Bradenton, drive west on Cortez Road W (648) over the water then turn left at the traffic light. You can see Coquina Beach on the right.

Direction from Sarasota:

Drive to the Ringling Bridge off of downtown Sarasota onto St. Armand’s Key and follow Rt. 789 around St. Armand’s Circle to the north and on to Longboat Key and cross the bridge to Anna Maria Island. You will find Coquina Beach on the left side.

You can go to Coquina Beach by walking or via 4WD vehicle. If you want to drive by yourself, you need to show the required documentation such as your valid driver’s license and vehicle registration at the National Park Service ORV Permit Office.

After all of that, here are things that you can do in Coquina Beach.

2. Fishing

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Besides enjoying the beautiful wide-open views, there are many other ways to make you stay entertained. This beach’ section of shoreline is well-known for surf fishing. The 4Wd access also makes it easier to transport their rods, reels, tackle, and coolers with ease. 

Spring season is the best time to fish because it is considered prime surf fishing time throughout the OBX. But actually, you have a good chance to catch bluefish, mullet, or other regular local catches from this not-so-crowded beach.

3. Beachcombing and Shelling

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Another popular activity is beachcombing and shelling. Things that you can finds are colorful scallops and coquinas, clamshells, jingle shells, moon snails and whelks. It can be easily found especially after one to three days of the storm.

4. Surfing and Bodyboarding

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Surfing and Bodyboarding can also be enjoyed along Coquina Beach. Neighboring Nags Head is recognized as one of the top surfing destinations. Just be cautious with the fishing line because this beach is also very popular with surf fishermen as well.

5. Birdwatches

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As the common uncrowded shoreline, this place also attracts birds such as plovers, sandpipers, cormorants, and gulls. The best time to catch these local species in their natural environment is in the late fall and early spring seasons. 

6. Close to Popular Attractions

Photo by Manatee County Government via Flickr

Coquina Beach is the best place for people who love shoreline with a number of elbow room. This place is also close to many popular attractions, restaurants, and shopping plazas along the Beach Bypass. To get to this place, you park your vehicle in the parking area in between South Nags Head and Oregon Inlet and enjoy a long walk along one prettiest span of natural coastline.

The main public area of Coquina Beach has numerous amenities including lifeguards, restrooms and a concession stand where you can pick up some treats and there’s a rental booth where you can get some lounge chairs, cabanas, and umbrellas.

7. Enjoy the laid-back vibe at Coquina Beach Café

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The Coquina Beach Café at the beach features good breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is open daily so you can stop here any time to have a quick meal or drink. You will be also provided with a great selection of wine, beer and frozen drinks along with fun live entertainment.

Get delicious dishes offered such as salads, tacos, sandwiches, and specialty items which are also served for lunch and dinner at a reasonable price. There are other menus including omelets, biscuits and gravy, waffles, French toast and so on. Choose the outside seating on the deck under the umbrella and enjoy your yummy food and drinks!


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