Best Luquillo Beach Trip Experience in Puerto Rico: The Essentials

Best Luquillo Beach Trip Experience in Puerto Rico: The Essentials
Photo by Manny DelValle via Flickr - Luquillo Beach Trip Essentials
SHARE - Puerto Rico is one of the most popular traveling destinations in the world, especially for the citizen of the United States. This is proved by the number of U.S citizens traveling to Puerto Rico each year.

Aside from U.S tourists, British, French, German, Spaniards, Canadians, Mexicans, Venezuelans, Brazilians, and Asians make the most of foreign tourists here. No wonder, Puerto Rico has abundant of natural tourist attractions to offer complemented with its great atmosphere of its local areas.

Thinking of spending your holiday in Puerto Rico but you still have no idea where to go exactly and what to do? Luquillo Beach is a great place to start if you’re a beach person. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico you can find.

This place is full of water activities and great scenery of palm trees guests can use as a shade. There is no wave on the beach due to the reefs under the water so you can bring your kids to play along with no worries.

Here is the essential guide to follow if you’re visiting Luquillo Beach for the first time. Enjoy!

Map and Location

Photo retrieved from Google Map - Map and Location

Located only 48.8 miles away from San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, you can reach the beach in approximately 43 minutes by car. It is geographically situated on the northeast coast, northwest of Fajardo, and east of Rio Grande.

Other Destinations nearby Luquillo Beach you can also visit La Bandera Beach, Mameyes Beach, La Pared Beach, La Pailas Beach, and Monserrate Beach which is another popular beach in Puerto Rico.

Hotel: Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn

Photo retrieved from Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn official website - Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn

There are many hotels in Luquillo Beach that you can choose to stay. But if you’re not sure since this is your first time, we would recommend you to book a room in Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn. It is situated only within walking distance of the beach and each room has a private oceanfront balcony.

You can choose from 4 kinds of rooms such as 2 double beds, queen rooms, king rooms, and family room. All of the rooms are equipped with air conditioner, satellite TV and refrigerator. Not only a place to stay but Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn also able to help you arrange and book for local attractions you’re interested to visit.

To make your stay even better, don’t forget to go to their MJ Sunrise Lounge and Bar where you can drink your cocktails and yummy bites while enjoying the beach view. It is a perfect place to relax and wind down.

Visiting the Kiosks

Photo by Jeffrey Bary via Flickr - Puerto Rican food

A trip to Luquillo Beach will never be complete without visiting their kiosks, which is a place for local food stalls ready to serve you your delicious meal of the day. Even though their exterior stall design looks kind of rusty, you will feel comfortable and welcomed once you step in.

They have a broad range of food options you can choose, from local Puerto Rican food, burgers, and other international dishes. Not only your tummy will be pleased, but your wallet will also thank you as well because of how affordable the foods are.

In the night time, the area turns into a more fun place where people can hang out around.


Photo by Šarūnas Burdulis via Flickr - Luquillo Beach weather

Because Puerto Rico is a tropical country, the climate in Luquillo is usually hot, windy, and partly cloudy. In a year, the temperature usually varies from 73°F to 88°F and it’s rarely gone down below 70°F or above 90°F.

The best time to visit Luquillo Beach for its water activities is from early December to mid-April since it’s the least likely to rain on those months. The peak best time goes to the third week of January, based on the year-round weather report.


Photo by Jeff~ via Flickr - Luquillo Beach attractions

Aside from accommodation or hotels, there are many attractions you can book for your fullest holiday experience, such as fishing/boat trips, jet ski rentals, car rentals, lighthouse tours, cave tours, rain forest trips, horseback riding and golfing.

Water activities are also something you should try while visiting Luquillo beach. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced scuba diver, Luquillo beach has beautiful underwater diving spots spread around. You can also surf the waves and snorkeling at the beach as well.


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