Caspersen Beach Florida: 4 Useful Guides to This Shark Tooth Capital of the World

Caspersen Beach Florida: 4 Useful Guides to This Shark Tooth Capital of the World
Photo by Don Miller via Flickr - Guide to Carspersen Beach Florida
SHARE - Caspersen Beach is a paradise for someone who likes strolling along the beach and find unique clam dollars, shells, or even sharks' teeth. Many people came to Caspersen Beach just to enjoy finding the prehistoric sharks' teeth that are famous worldwide. 

If you’re planning to visit Florida, it's such an obligatory to include Caspersen Beach in your bucket list. You will be entertained by the beautiful shells there. You can keep them as a souvenir or turn them into a pretty ocean-themed jewelries. 

But we guess you need some useful guides before booking your flight ticket, so that you won't waste your time researching all the things about Caspersen Beach. Let's check it out!

Location and Map

Photo via Google Map - Caspersen Beach Map

Caspersen Beach is located at 4100 Harbor Dr, Venice, FL 34285. If you’re coming from Orlando, it would take you around 2 hours and 15 minutes to arrive via I-4 W and I-75 route by car.

If you’re coming from Miami, it would take around 3 hours and 16 minutes to arrive via I-75 N. You can park your vehicle in the designated free parking area near the beach and walk across this long pretty shore. 

The beach is open daily from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Basically, you can visit the beach anytime you like because it’s a public beach. What's more interesting, no admission fee is required to enter the beach. But the bathhouses might close after sundown. 

Activity: finding sharks' teeth

Photo by Ian Barbour via Flickr - Sharks' teeth

Caspersen Beach is not named as ‘Shark Tooth Capital of the World’ for nothing. You can literally find thousands of sharks' teeth of all types and sized washed up on the beach easily. 

This is because there is an ancient river bottom where fossils get washed away layer by layer near the beach. It is precisely located around a mile offshore in the Gulf of Mexico 

The best time to find sharks’ teeth is within low tide and right after a storm. You can collect the sharks' teeth by using a sifting tool. Shovel a pile of sand and put it onto your sifting tool. The small particles will fall through the holes and leaving you with bigger pieces of shell and sharks’ teeth. Prepare a separate bag to keep your treasures safe. 

Not only sharks’ teeth hunting, but you can also do many other activities such as birding, boat ramps for non-motorized vessels, canoeing or kayaking, and fishing. You’ll need a license if you want to try fishing, though. Also, if you really want to fish, it’s better to do it on the intercoastal side of Caspersen with all the mangroves instead of the beach area. 

However, we do not recommend you to swim at this beach since it has no lifeguards on duty. If you’re bringing your kids along to Caspersen beach, you should watch them out at all times. 


Photo by Sunshine Inn & Suites official website - Sunshine Inn & Suites

There are many hotels you can book near Caspersen Beach. For example, Sunshine Inn & Suites, Rodeway Inn, Island Sun Inn & Suites and Ramada by Wyndham Venice Hotel Venezia. 

Sunshine Inn and Suites is just 3,6 miles away from Caspersen Beach. It means that you’ll only have to drive 8 minutes to reach the beach. All guests will be provided with free wi-fi and granted access to their outdoor pool. The hotel also provides two options for staying in a room or a suite.

Ramada by Wyndham Venice Hotel Venezia is also quite close to the beach. It’s only 4,4 miles away or 11 minutes drive by car. It is also closer to the Venice Beach and Bird Island. This hotel is perfect for you who seeks more luxury when staying at the hotel. 

Tides and weather

Photo by Don Johnson via Flickr - Caspersen Beach tide

To create an unforgettable experience at Caspersen Beach, you would want to know the tides and weather patterns over the year. Florida, the sunshine state, is the warmest of all American states with an average daily temperature of 21.5°C and 2800 hours of sunlight over the year.

The coastal areas in Florida are slightly warmer in average temperatures in winter and cooler in summer compared to other areas. The best time to visit Florida, especially if you want to spend your day at the beach is definitely when it’s not a rainy season, which is from the end of November to mid-May. 

With the low rainfall, you can have an excellent vacation experience in Florida during Autumn, Winter, and Spring. The tide level at the Caspersen Beach varies in a day. Typically, the tide would be low at around 6:00 AM and then it goes high at around 1:00 PM. 

It goes low again at 5:00 PM and would go high again at 10:30 PM. So, if you want to hunt sharks’ teeth, it would be best for you to start early in the morning or around 5:00 PM. 

Pro-tip, you can check Caspersen Beach daily tide chart on the internet to make sure the exact time when the tide would go low or high. 


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