Crescent Beach Florida: Don’t Miss These 8 Fun Things

Crescent Beach Florida: Don’t Miss These 8 Fun Things
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Looking for a perfect destination that is loved even by the locals? You should definitely come to Crescent Beach in Florida! It is a beautiful stretch of the Florida coast, just south of St. Augustine. Crescent Beach is home to various kinds of tourist destinations that are worth your visit.

Its name refers to the natural shape of the coastline itself, like a Crescent moon. This Crescent Beach has nice waves and comfy beach sands. All the exciting things can be found on this beach. 

If you are new to this beach, you don't need to worry! Tripboba provides you a bucket list of the fun things you can do in Crescent Beach. To maximize your holiday experience there, we will give you additional information on the accommodation and eatery as well!

Crescent Beach Hotels

If you want to explore all the fun things on this beach, then you have to book a room at any Crescent Beach hotels. There are some condos, motels, hotels, or resorts available for your lodging options.

Summerhouse condo is one of them. This condo is built on over 25 acres of fertile landscaped grounds that will give you a comfortable stay. It also offers easy access to the beach and other destinations. It has luxury design, with two pools facing the ocean.

Beacher’s Lodge Oceanfront Suites is another staying option. This luxury lodging will make you feel like a king and queen. It has a crazy beautiful view of the sunset from the rooms. You won't regret staying here!

Crescent Beach Restaurants

Travel accommodation is just the most essential thing for a vacation. Besides the lodging, where you plan to eat or hang out is also important. Eat good food will let you fully enjoy your time discovering the neighboring areas of Crescent Beach. 

As for the restaurant, we recommend you to try South Beach Grill’s delicacies. This casual seafood restaurant serves excellent food. Its great view is also popular. While you're in this restaurant, don't forget to try crab cakes and steamed shrimp.

Fort Matanzas National Monument

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Located on Rattlesnake Island, this fort is just minutes away from Crescent Beach. To reach the fort, you have to ride on a ferry. There are some activities offered by the park, and one of the most anticipated one is the historical and natural sightseeing. 

Fort Matanzas National Monument is a must-visit place for a die-hard fan of history. It’s also especially suitable for students and kids to learn outside the class. Take your group on the wooden trails and discover wildlife and vegetation native. To complete your tour, buy exclusive goods sold at the Park Store inside the Visitor Center.

Ripple Effect Ecotours

The sustainable tours will bring you on eco-educational kayaking and vegetable oil-powered boat to explore the remote area and natural waterways of the city. The tour likely runs for 2 hours. You’ll get with a lot of educational information while enjoying nature and getting relaxed on the water.

You can take the morning tour or sunset to moonlight (evening) depending on your preference. The tour guides are all warm and friendly. Once the tour is over, you can go to the BBQ place recommended by the guides.

Princess Place Preserve

Just south of Fort Matanzas, The Princess Place Preserve is a historic site home to live oaks, wildlife, trails. You can go on a guided tour, or just simply walking around. You can also try hiking or horseback riding in the park. 

At the preserve park, there’s the first inground swimming pool in Florida. If you choose to relax, rocking chairs on the porch are available for you to use. You can also take your dog for a walk here, just make sure that it's on a leash. It's because there are wildlife animals you may come across, such as red fox, bobcats, opossums, and raccoons.

Marineland Dolphin Adventure

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Marineland Dolphin Adventure is known as “the world's first oceanarium” which serves entertainment and swim-with-the-dolphins facility. The oceanfront playground allows you to meet the bottlenose dolphins up close and swim with them in an educational program.

At this park, you can get to know the marine life through various activities such as being a trainer for a day, interacting with the red-footed tortoise, being an aquarist assistant, and try walking and kayaking eco-tours.

Genung's Fish Camp

Located south of St. Augustine in Crescent Beach, Genung’s Fish Camp is a perfect spot to set out on the Matanzas River. It's the best place to enjoy nice weather and the natural scenery while fishing. 

Genung's Fish Camp offers single or double kayaks, stand-up paddle board, canoe rentals, and fishing tackle to rent, as well as selling live bait. It’s such a fun place to spend your family time!

Faver-Dykes State Park

This state park is located in the suburb of St. Augustine. It is home to beautiful birds and other wildlife creatures. There are just a lot of activities to do such as picnicking, walking around, fishing, or just relax and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Expect the towering longleaf pines in a sandhill ecosystem at Faver-Dykes State Park and camp under the canopy at the designated campsites. To explore the estuary, the state park provides you with canoe and kayak rentals.


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