Edisto Beach State Park: Check Out What to Do in This Park

Edisto Beach State Park: Check Out What to Do in This Park
Flickr - Photo by Jim Doll

Tripboba.com - Do you have any plans to visit Edisto Island? Edisto Island is one of South Carolina’s Sea Islands. It’s located between Charleston SC and Savannah GA. This island has one of the best beaches in South Carolina called Edisto Beach. 

A day won't be enough to explore this island. Why? Besides the beach, there is also a large park that is worth your visit: Edisto Beach State Park. Edisto Beach State Park is a hidden gem located in the Lowcountry.

In this park, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. What are they? Here are the best things to do near Edisto Beach State Park that will boost your vacation. Have a check!

1. Edisto Beach State Park Map

Edisto Beach image from Flickr - Photo by Danie Becknell

Before we tell you what to do and don't in Edisto Beach State Park, you should know where this park is located.

Edisto Beach State Park is located at 8377 State Cabin Rd, Edisto Island, SC 29438. This 1200-hectare park is about an hour drive from downtown Charleston. It is open daily from 07.00 AM up to 08.00 PM.

2. Edisto Beach State Park Camping

Camping at Edisto Beach State Park - Photo by Rebecca Arnold on Flickr 

Do you love to camp with your family and your friends? If you do, we recommend you to try camping in this park. The amenities in this park are perfect enough for your holiday.

It has a large campground with 113 sites, walk-in tent sites, 7 rental cabins, and many more! Besides, there is a day-use area with beach access, parking, shelters, and picnic tables. 

In other words, Edisto Beach State Park is definitely one of the best destinations in the world to camp. Don’t hesitate to pack your things and just go camp!

3. Explore Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve

Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve  - Photo by Dominique Hazard on Google Map

One of the best things you can do near Edisto Beach State Park is visiting Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve. This place is like a paradise for nature lovers! This place has over 4,000 acres of woods, wetlands, and also fields that are fascinating to explore.

Surprisingly, there is a small beach where the sea turtles’ nest. If you're lucky, you will see them come out of their shells. But, you need to be very careful in this place. It's a place that needs extra care. Everyone is suggested to care for it. 

This way, it will remain pure and wild as it is. All in all, Botany Bay is a wonderful place since it has animals, vegetations, wilderness, and virgin nature. Visiting this preserve will give you an unforgettable experience, so don't miss it!

4. Watch Dolphins and Whales

Dolphins - Photo by edisto.org

Watching dolphins and whales is one of the fun things you can do in Edisto Island. Well, while you visit this island, you need to know that this island offers an eco-tour.

Through this tour package, you can explore on a boat with a skilled and competent guide. They will entertain as well as guarantee you to have a great time on this island.

Also, probably you will get some of the most stunning pictures from this island!

5. Go to Edisto Island Serpentarium

Edisto Island Serpentarium - Photo by www.edistoisland.com

You will see interesting displays of native and exotic species of reptiles when you visit Edisto Island Serpentarium. This place has both indoor and outdoor facilities. Animals here live with big ponds and gardens.

There is an indoor solarium too! There is a big display of various specimens completed with stunning hand-painted scenes that draw their natural habits. If you are interested to see reptiles exhibits, you’re lucky!

You will have a chance to see exhibits of the most important species of reptiles in America. You can also listen to insightful lectures from reptile experts. They will teach you something you do not know about the animals.

Well, Edisto Island Serpentarium may not be the most interesting and exciting place for everyone. But, if you are interested in reptiles, it's one of the best places ever!

6. Hotels Near Edisto Beach State Park

Hotel near Edisto Beach State Park - Photo by www.creeksidelandsinn.com

Do you need to expand your stay near Edisto Beach State Park? If so, you can stay at the best hotels near Edisto Beach State Park.

There are some options of hotels including Andell Inn, Creekside Lands Inn, Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Charleston, Rodeway Inn St. Helena – Beaufort South, and many more! Be sure you choose the hotels based on your needs and budget.

Those are a variety of fun activities you can do when you visit Edisto Beach State Park. So, which one do you want to do first? Tell us your story!


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