Little Beach Maui, Hawaii: 5 Best Guides for Your Unforgettable Trip

Little Beach Maui, Hawaii: 5 Best Guides for Your Unforgettable Trip
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Aloha! What's the first thing that comes to your mind when hearing this word? Yes, it's a simple greeting used by the native Hawaiians. You might often hear this word in cartoons, right? Or, are you planning on hearing this word spoken directly by the natives?

So, where are you planning to go? If we can recommend one of the best beaches in Hawaii, then it should be Little Beach Maui! Little Beach can be found in Maui, the second largest island in Hawaii. This blissfully undeveloped island is home to Big Beach and Little Beach.

We guess you will need some ultimate guides with tips and tricks, so your holiday on Little Beach Maui will be an unforgettable one! Let's check it out!

Little Beach Maui Nude Beach

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Do you want to experience a sense of freedom? Then, Little Beach is the perfect beach for you. Little Beach Maui is like a paradise for those who look for the best nude beach in Hawaii. You can tan all of your body, literally naked just like that.

It's a semiprivate beach where you can freely wear nothing and the sun will hit every part of your body! But remember that public nudity is technically illegal in Hawaii. So make sure that you keep your manner while sunbathing nude on the beach.

Just like any other nude beach etiquette, you are allowed to be naked as long as you are mindful of your attitudes. You’re not allowed to take photos of others without their consent for privacy is the key to this secluded beach. 

So, any overt sexual activity is not allowed on this beach. Loud music is also not recommended as well as throwing things like trash to the beach. More tips, beware of the surrounding because some people sometimes have bad intentions.

If a nude beach isn’t really your thing, you can still dress decently with that nice pair of swimsuits. Maybe you can try surfing or boogie-boarding. Little Beach Maui photos are even on the top of search results. Then, what are you waiting for? Go book your ticket to fly there!

Little Beach Maui Sunday Night

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You should never miss this one famous event on Little Beach. Every Sunday afternoon to the evening, there is a beach party with fire dancers and drum-circle completing your night. This Sunday drum festival is where you can get along with other people.

The Sunday Drum Circle starts around 3 PM. It is where a mix of locals, tourists gather around. Enjoy the Sunday party with the other party-goers. Just don’t overdo it, though, or you’ll miss the chance of greeting your favorite celebrities who happen to join the party (yes, some celebs who live on this island love to visit Little Beach!)

Little Beach Maui Directions

If you are heading to Hawaii by plane, maybe you can go to Kahului airport. The beach is only accessible by climbing a cliff over, so make sure to bring a flashlight and wear shoes to make your walk easier.

Parking and Entrance Ticket

Recently, all non-Hawaii residents who come to this beach are charged USD5 for the parking fee. As for the entrance ticket, ticket machines available on the location will only accept credit cards issued by US banks. It doesn’t accept any cash or credit cards issued by non-US banks. 

Big Beach and Little Beach Maui

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A lot of people are not sure whether the beach they are looking for goes by the name Big Beach or Makena Beach. But the answer is that they are referring to the same location! Big Beach is also known by the names Makena Beach and also Oneloa Beach.

This huge, expansive beach is a perfect place for you to enjoy your peaceful vacation. Just like Little Beach, Big Beach is usually quiet. You can take photos of sea turtles here, and it is the best place for sunset viewing. Big Beach also has a lot of parking spaces and they are easy to access.

Flickr - Photo by Mariano Mantel from Flickr

It’s important to note that the waves are often too high to do your favorite water sports. So, you have to be careful if you bring along your kids since the undertow is a bit fierce. It may take away anything on the land in a sudden!

There are 3 lifeguards where you can consult before dipping your feet into the water. This beach is for the experienced surfers and swimmers only. But you can just watch the pro does the extreme boogie boarding.


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