Maine Beaches Tour: 11 Best Beaches in Maine

Maine Beaches Tour: 11 Best Beaches in Maine
Credit to Lisa Donoghue via Flickr - Hazy Sunset in Maine Beach
SHARE - Maine, or the Vacationland State of the United States, is somewhere you’d probably want to spend your holiday time. It has so many natural tourist attractions such as the pine woods, whitewater rafting in Kennebec River and Penobscot River, also the famous 3,478 miles of beautiful coastline. It’s such a perfect vacation destination for you, nature lovers!
If you’re planning to visit Maine soon, you should explore at least one of the best Maine beaches we will mention below! What are they? Let's check it out!

Popham Beach State Park, Phippsburg

Credit to Paul VanDerWerf via Flickr - Popham Beach

Situated on Maine Route 209 in Phippsburg, Popham Beach State Park is probably Maine’s busiest state park beach. People can enjoy sunbathing while being spoiled by the sight of Fox and Wood islands offshore.

And the Kennebec and Morse rivers border each edge of the beach. You can bring along your dogs since this is a dog-friendly beach in certain times, as long as they’re on a leash.

The popular activities you can do in Popham Beach State Park are Stand-up paddleboarding and surfcasting.  You can also picnic here since they provide picnic tables and charcoal grills near the beach complete with the beautiful beach scenery.

Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth

Credit to Amy Elizabeth Lohman via Flickr - Crescent beach

As one of the finest Maine beaches, Crescent Beach State Park offers its visitors a clean sandy beach, wooded areas, and rock ledges which is a paradise for beachgoers and nature enthusiasts. What makes this beach unique is its crescent-shaped beach, perfect for strolling and sunbathing under the warm sun.

Some other activities you can do on this beach are birdwatching, cross-country skiing, fishing, sea kayaking, and swimming. They also have a picnic area where visitors can use.

Long Sands Beach, York

Photo via Instagram - Long Sands Beach


If you love visiting a large beach with long coastline, then Long Sands Beach is a perfect place for you to visit. Its clean white sand will give you a peaceful mind while you stroll along the beach. When it’s low tide, you can collect shells and sand dollars.

Since it’s a family and pet friendly beach, there are a lot of activities you can do with your kids and dogs. You can fly kites, surf, or crabbing. If you drive a few minutes more, you’ll find Nubble Light House where you can watch a gorgeous sunset. It’s totally one of the best Maine beaches.

Cleaves Cove Beach

Photo via Instagram - Cleaves Cove Beach

Getting lost somewhere quiet and secluded is not always a bad idea, especially if that place is Cleaves Cove Beach. It’s one of the best Maine beaches located in Kennebunkport. It offers the guests a scenic rocky beach area.

However, there is no parking area, no lifeguards, and no facilities. So you’d probably can’t spend a long time on this beach. No worries, it’s definitely worth a visit! Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture its beauty in pictures.

Ogunquit Beach, Ogunquit

Photo credit to Mike Fleming via Flickr - Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach is a large, white sand beach that is popular for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking. This beach is also the perfect place to enjoy the perfect sunset views in the summer. It has 3 miles long coastline, so there is plenty of room to explore.

Try to visit this beach when it’s low tide, you’ll feel like the beach is much larger and stretch forever. You can also sit on their Adirondack chairs which have overhead shade, protecting you from sunlight. Lifeguards are on duty until 5 pm, clean washrooms are also available at the beach.

Higgins Beach

Photo credit to Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr - Higgins Beach

Higgins beach offers calm water, gorgeous scenery of white sandy beach mixed with a quiet and serene atmosphere. The beach gets quite expansive when low tide, so it’s a perfect time to visit. You can also search for shells around the old shipwreck when it’s low tide as well.

The only challenge you’ll face when visiting Higgins Beach is the parking. They charge you hourly for street parking, which you’ll have to pay at the kiosk. Or, you can use the municipal parking which costs USD10 a day from sunrise to sunset, but you’ll have to arrive early because it fills up very fast.

Scarborough Beach State Park, Scarborough

Photo credit to Bertknot via Flickr - Scarborough Beach State Park

Enjoy the beauty of Maine beaches especially in Scarborough Beach with all the public facilities that will make your journey unforgettable. The beach is sparkling clean and there are bathrooms you can use. The gatekeeper would happily give you all the information you need. Also, there are plenty of parking areas.

In summer, you can find food trucks near the beach so you can enjoy sitting near the beach while munching your food. The park is free and the beach hour is from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can have internet access too by paying USD6 for a day! Dogs are allowed as well from October 1st to April 1st, as long as they are on a leash inside the park boundaries.

Laudholm Beach, Wells

Photo credit to Bud via Flickr - Laudholm Beach

In Laudholm Beach, not only you can enjoy the sight of the blue ocean, but also you can go hiking through the beautiful trails. After you walk through the woods, you’ll find the secluded and undeveloped Laudholm beach.

It is also a fabulous place to watch a wide variety of land and shorebirds. Truly a heaven for wildlife lovers. You can invite along your kids or parents since it’s a friendly place for all ages. It's one of the must-visit Maine beaches!

Old Orchard Beach, Old Orchard

Photo credit to Paul VanDerWerf via Flickr - Old Orchard Beach

This is one of a kind beach area amongst all Maine beaches. It's because there is an amusement park you can visit with all the fun rides, including a Ferris wheel. There are also a lot of food vendors and sundries shops.

There’s also fireworks by the carnival on Thursday night. We wouldn’t say this place is suitable for people who seek a quiet place since it’s more of a crowded beach. Still a wide, beautiful and exciting one, nevertheless!

Reid State Park, Georgetown

Photo credit to Fyn Kynd via Flickr - Reid State Park

Reid State Park in Georgetown is a beautiful spot for people who like to climb around rocks and sediment. You can also see a beautiful sight of pine trees nearby. The facilities are clean and there are changing rooms available.

As for the beaches, you can visit both the sandy mile beach and half-mile beach which are very nice. Plenty of picnic tables are available there. However, there is no lifeguard on duty so you can swim at your own risk. The entrance fee is USD6 for Maine locals people and USD8 for others.

Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

Photo credit to Always Shooting via Flickr - Sand Beach Acadia National Park

If you’re visiting Acadia National Park, we recommend you to visit the beach as well! It’s a nice little beach between mountains and rocky cliffs. The water temperature is rather cold, it rarely exceeds 55 degrees in the summer. The sky is crystal clear, lucky visitors could even see the Milky Way.

The facilities include restrooms, changing rooms, and parking which is wheelchair friendly. However, pets are restricted at certain times. Don’t forget to bring a bug spray if you’re visiting!


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