Mississippi Beaches: Top 11 Beaches to Wash Your Weary Away

Mississippi Beaches: Top 11 Beaches to Wash Your Weary Away
Mississipi Gulf Coast - Photo by @costalms from Instagram

Tripboba.com - Speaking of traveling, we cannot miss Mississippi's beautiful beaches from your bucket list. Although it is smaller compared to the other Mexico Gulf states, Mississippi has lots to offer for your memorable trip. 

Located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi Sound, this city has a beautiful stretch coastline to explore. With its warm and humid weather all year round, beaches in Mississippi are the perfect holiday option for you. 

If you are confused about which one you should visit, worry not Tripboba has 11 Best Mississippi Beaches recommendation for you. Experience the breathtaking scenery of Mexico Gulf at Mississippi Beaches during your summer holiday!

11 Best Beaches in Mississippi

1. West Ship Island

West Ship Island - Photo by @shipislandexcursions

West Ship Island is a secluded island in the Harrison County, Mississippi. It is a part of Gulf Island National Seashore. It has a beautiful white sandy beach for your perfect island gateway. 

You can reach Ship Island by a ferry ride that you can book in advance from a website. If you arrive 30 minutes before the ferry trip, you can get a good spot to feel the Mexico Gulf breeze through the ferry deck. 

If you are lucky enough you can see dolphins swim around in front of the ferry. While you are staying on West Ship Island, you can relax and do a fun picnic on the sunny beach. There are chairs and umbrellas rent on the island. 

All basic beach activities can be done on West Ship Island such as snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, searching for shells or you can just relaxing on the island. West Ship Island will give you an experience like no other. 

Before you visit this beautiful island, make sure to prepare all the things you need. You have to pack your beach supplies as well as foods, drinks, and snacks. But please be mindful not to leave any trashes behind on the island. 

2. Gulfport East Beach

Gulfport - Photo by @coastalms

The second biggest city in Mississippi is Gulfport. It has a beautiful sandy beach. If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing and calm getaway, then Gulfport East Beach is the perfect place for you. 

Escaping from the noisy city life, you can find a peaceful life here in Gulfport. Compared to the other Mississippi Beaches, Gulfport East Beach has never been so busy. It has miles of sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. 

It is a perfect place for you to sit and read your favorite books. You can listen to calming wave natural kinds of music created from the waves crashing on the shoreline. Or if you want to be a few adventures, you can enjoy fish in the Gulfport fishing pier. 

Watersports such as jet skiing and swimming also available in Gulfport East Beach. If you want to escape from the busy and noisy city life for a while, Gulfport East Beach is a good place for you.

3. Pass Christian (The Pass)

Pass Christian - Photo by carlfbagge

Pass Christian or known by the locals as "The Pass" is a beach located in Harrison County. It is where the Yachting in the South was born. There are many things you can do alone, with your loved one, or with your family.

In Pass Christian Beach, you can do surfing, yachting, fishing, relaxing or reading books on the calm sandy beach. This beach was President Theodore Roosevelt's favorite place to spend his time with his family and friend. 

Come to Pass Christian Beach and you will know why The President loves this beach!

4. Biloxi East Beach

Biloxi - Photo by Michael McCarthy

Are you looking for a beach with beautiful sunsets and calm waters? You come to the right place. Biloxi East Beach is one of the Mississippi Beaches that has a pearly white sandy beach with clear waters.

This beach is also surrounded by world-class casinos. This family-friendly beach is located in the middle of the Mississippi Gulf coastline and this makes Biloxi Beach has a perfect gorgeous orange and pink sunsets for you. 

You can spend an overnight stay on the beach because you do not want to miss the amazing sunsets here. See the sunsets and create the amazing memory ever in Biloxi Beach with your loved one. 

5. Buccaneer State Park Beach

Buccaneer State Park - Photo from mdwfp.com

Buccaneer State Park Beach is located at 1150 South Beach Boulevard, Mississippi. This is one of Mississippi Beaches that has a state park as well as Buccaneer Bay Water Park where you enjoy the Mississippi park to the fullest. 

They provide a full campsite with premium amenities. There are 2016 campsites available if you want to spend a camping night in Mississippi Beaches. You can have a good night in a grassy field with overlooking the Gulf of Mexico before your eyes. 

There is also Castaway Cove, an activity pool, available for the campers. The other delightful activities you can do around the Buccaneer State Park Beach are: playing on their fun waterpark, hiking on the Pirate's Alley Nature Trail, or getting playful on the Playground.

You can also visit Jackson's Ridge Disc Golf, do some Activities Building, and many more. There is also Camp-store just in case you need something to buy for your camping activities.

6. Front Beach

Front Beach - Photo by Whit Andrews

Front Beach is the most popular spot for swimming and sunbathing in the Mississippi Beaches, because of its calmest and shallowest water. With the breathtaking panorama of the Mississippi Sound, Front Becah could be one of the best beach destinations in the States. 

Not only a great place for getting a beautiful tanned-skin, but Front beach is also known for its fishing pier. Many people visiting Front beach just to cast their fishing rod. This beach is equipped with volleyball nets and bonfire stations, perfect for your first camping experience.

Whether you come with your family for a warm vacation or with your other half for a romantic gateway, you can choose the best accommodation for you in Front Beach.

7. Pascagoula Beach Park

Mississippi Beaches - Photo by Laura LaRose

Located in the 600 City Park Street Pascagoula, MS, Pascagoula Beach Park covers 14-acre areas with the overlooks of the beautiful Mississippi Sound. You will have the best summer holiday in this beach park. 

This beach park is equipped with multiple playground areas, some pavilions, restrooms and also barbeque grills that are available on-site. You can enjoy the other amenities such as splash pad, walking trail, fitness stations, as well as the beautiful beach that you can't miss out if you come to Pascagoula County.

If you want to fish, there is also a 1000-foot fishing pier available in Pascagoula Becah Park. Not to forget the past, a Hurrican Katrina Memorial is built in the park. Please take a note that the splash pad is open from May 1st to October the 15th.

8. Shearwater Beach

Mississippi Beach - Photo by Visit Mississippi

The other beautiful Mississippi Beaches that you can visit to wash your fatigue away is Shearwater Beach in the Ocean Springs. This sandy beach's average temperature is 16°Celcious with 77% humidity. 

You can spend a day in the sand while reading your books and getting a little bit tanned under the sun. But please take serious note if you want to swim in Shearwater Beach because the tide and waves are easily changing. 

Always check the water status online before you decide to swim. Overall, this beach is a perfect place for beach relaxation. Grab your picnic mat, you can have a relaxing picnic on the beach with Mexico Gulf's beautiful scenery.

9. Waveland Beach

Waveland - Photo by Jared

Situated right in the Gulf of Mexico, Waveland is another best beach you can visit while you stay in Mississippi. Waveland is a city located in Hancock County, Mississippi, and is a part of Gulfport–Biloxi, Mississippi Metropolitan Statistical Area. 

This beautiful sandy beach is located in the southeastern part of Hancock County. The City is destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 but is now fully recovered. This beach is located near the famous Buccaneer State Park which offers you a variety of activities in Waveland.

10. Ocean Spring Beach

Ocean Spring Beach - Photo by http://ci.ocean-springs.ms.us/page/Photo-Gallery

Moving 2 miles east from the Biloxi, you can find Ocean Spring Beach that is located in Jackson County, Mississippi. It has warm water in the Gulf of Mexico and become one of the worth-visiting towns in the United States. 

If you want to explore Mississippi Beaches, Ocean Spring is the right place. This town is known for its beautiful natural resources and is popular for the locals and tourists. Take a stroll to the beach and relax your day. 

You can also visit the numerous art galleries, artist studios and many local restaurants that will make you happy with their dishes. Feel the extraordinary shopping experience in the Ocean Spring shopping district.

11. Horn Island

Horn Island - Photo by U.S. Department of the Interior

If you are looking for a wilderness adventure, you can try to visit Horn Island which situated in Jackson County, Mississippi. Please take note that there are no public facilities available on-site. 

So, if you want to visit this beautiful island, make sure you prepare all the things you need very well. Before visiting and exploring Horn Island, please consult to the park rangers about the island situation, because there are uncommon species of birds, animals, and marine life that are protected in the Horn Island. 

You can reach Horn Island by renting a private boat. Make an exclusive one-day trip to Horn Island and release your stress away.


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