Shi Shi Beach, Washington: 5 Facts for Your Travel Guide

Shi Shi Beach, Washington: 5 Facts for Your Travel Guide
Flickr - Photo by Brandon Caswell
SHARE - You may have seen Shi Shi Beach on your social media timeline. Or you may have heard people talk about this remote destination. That's right! Shi Shi Beach is one of the insta-famous beaches in Washington, United States, that becomes a dream for every photographer.

Shi Shi Beach will make you amazed instantly by its beauty. This public beach is a part of the Olympic National Park. It’s such a recommended destination while you are in the Olympic Peninsula. Some people say that it's rather difficult to arrive at this beach.

Don't worry, we have some facts with tips and tricks about Shi Shi Beach. You’ll discover that there are plenty of opportunities to explore on this beautiful beach. Check it out!

1. Where is Shi Shi Beach?

Flickr - Photo by doctorlight1

Shi Shi Beach is located at Shi Shi Beach Rd, Clallam Bay, WA 98326 78G9+9V Neah Bay, Washington. It's about 78 miles or 2 hours of driving from the Olympic National Park.

You will need to hike 2 miles on a muddy path on the Makah Indian Reservation. When you arrive at the ocean, you need to walk again for 2 miles on the sand.

2. How to Get to Shi Shi Beach

Flickr - Photo by i8seattle

From Port Angeles, you can drive Highway 101 West. Turn right onto WA Hwy 112 West. You will take WA Hwy 112 through the cities of Joyce, Clallam Bay, and Sekiu to Neah Bay on Makah Reservation.

After that, you can drive to the end of the bay. Then, turn left on Fort Street, right on the third Ave. Turn left on Cape Flattery Road. Go straight on this way for about 2.5 miles, and then turn left on Hobuck Road. You can follow the signs to the trailhead of Shi Shi Beach.

If you want to stay overnight, you need to park up the road about 0.6 miles from the trailhead specifically at one of the decided parking areas. After you park your vehicle, you have to head down the road one foot to the trailhead.

Then, you can follow the muddy trail for about 1 hour and 15 minutes until you arrive at the downhill before the beach. Remember to walk slowly on the way to the downhill. It's better if you bring ropes since it can be really slippery when it is wet.

3. Shi Shi Beach Weather

Flickr - Photo by Veronica Martin

Shi Shi Beach is really interesting to visit since it has a nice and fairly easy hike in autumn as well as winter time. It will takes you out to a mild weather spot and a comfortable overnight camping trip. For the latest information about Shi Shi Beach weather, you can check the weather forecast regularly before having a visit.

4. Shi Shi Beach Hike

Pixabay - Photo by Free-Photos

Shi Shi Beach Washington is famous for its sea-rock formations. These rock formations are known as the Point of Arches. The rocks make Shi Shi Beach one unique beach you should never miss.

Besides the beautiful views of the rocks on the beach, Shi Shi Beach also offers other attractions. It's Shi Shi Beach hiking spot that has attracted locals and visitors. Shi Shi Beach Hike is mostly done through the Makah Indian Reservation Land.

Before you arrive at the beach, you will cross onto the National Park. It takes about 2 miles to get to the ocean, and another 2 miles to the end of the beach.

You will begin your walk on a well-maintained path with wooden bridges. But, after a while, the bridges will disappear and you will have to walk with mud. Lots of mud! If you meet the super muddy areas, you can look to the left or right of the path. Eventually, you will see another alternative, less muddy on the side trail.

If you want to get a more enjoyable muddy experience, you can wear rubber boots and hike right down the middle of the trail. It will be challenging and fun!

5. Shi Shi Beach Camping

Flickr - Photo by Steve Kody

Camping in Shi Shi Beach can be a joyful reward after you try the Shi Shi Beach hike that is quite challenging and uhh, muddy! But, you need to ask for permits from a Makah Recreation Pass and a Wilderness Permit for the National Park before you camp at this beach.

Those permits are needed for all overnights in Olympic National Park. Pick up the wilderness permit directly at the WIC (Wilderness Information Center) that is located in Port Angeles or at the Lake Quinault Ranger Station.

Currently, permits are not restricted for camping at Shi Shi Beach, while the maximum group size is 12 people per site. You need to pay USD8 per person per night for the camping fees, and a flat USD6 for permit fee.

We recommend you to call the WIC at 360-565-3100 before you pick up your permit. It aims to check on hours and trail conditions before you go to the Olympic Peninsula. After that, don’t forget to get your wilderness permit for the National Park.

Shi Shi Beach Camping is available along the 2.5 miles of the shoreline. Starting from the end of the trail along the beach up to the Point of Arches. You can camp anywhere along the beach. Most people decide to sleep tight on the sand. But most importantly, don’t forget to bring enough food, water, adequate tent, and anything that you need to have a comfortable camp at Shi Shi Beach.


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