Can You Freeze Cheese? Find out the Answer Here!

Cheese - Photo by lipefontes0 from Pixabay

Jun 29, 2020 19:45 PM

Cheese is best to consume when it is still freshly made. But, fresh cheese cannot be consumed for a long time if it's consumed as it is. That is why, our ancestors created an amazing way to preserve foods so we can enjoy the delicious foods just any time we want it.

There are so many ways to preserves foods such as salting, drying, freezing, and many more. Back in the old days, there are no tools to freeze foods. So, people in the old days salted the cheese to make it last longer.

Now, the world is changing greatly and it is affected by the way people preserve their foods. We are easy to freeze anything if we want to store it. One of the ways is putting the foods in the freezer so it can be enjoyed later.

Do you have a question of "Can you freeze cheese?" lingering on your minds when you have leftover cheese from a meal? Then, this might be a great chance to look for the answer on this page.

Tripboba will show you the proper way of freezing cheese through this step-by-step guide. If you wonder about "Can you freeze cheese?", please stay tuned to the very end of this article to unfold the answer!

1. Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?

Cream Cheese - Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay

When you're questioning "Can you freeze cheese?", the first type of cheese that comes to your mind must be cream cheese. The answer is yes, of course, you can! But, freezing cream cheese will change the texture. If you freeze cream cheese, the texture will become more crumbly and less creamy once when you have it thawed.

This freezing method of storing cream cheese will change the texture but it will not change the flavor. If you add the thawed frozen cream cheese for a baked or cooked dish, it will not be noticeable. It still tastes great! So, the answer is yes, you can freeze cream cheese.

To store cream cheese on the freezer, you do not need extra treatment on it. A block of cream cheese usually comes in a box with aluminum foil wrapped around it. So, to freeze it, you just need to tuck it in on its box and then leave it on the freezer until you will use it.

But, the frozen cream cheese is best to consume within 2 months. It is best to discharge the cheese that has mold in it. Always check on your cheese before you consume it. So, that answers the question of "can you freeze cheese" when it's a cream cheese.

2. Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese?

Ricotta Cheese - Photo by murarenato from Pixabay

Now, we move into the next question of "Can you freeze cheese?" for ricotta cheese. Ricotta cheese is the type of cheese that is best to enjoy when it is fresh. As we know, ricotta is the famous fresh unripened cheese originally made in Italy.

You can make your fresh ricotta at home. The efforts and process of making it might take some time, but it's all worth your best cheese experience. Yet, there is a problem arises when you make too much amount of ricotta cheese and questioning if you can freeze ricotta cheese. The answer is yes you can freeze ricotta cheese at home. 

All you need to do to freeze ricotta is following these steps presented down below.

Step 1. Drain the water from the cheese as much as you can. Use a kitchen towel to make it dry, so later when the cheese is frozen, it will not get unnecessary ice crystals.

Step 2. After that, put all the cheese on the airtight containers. We strongly recommend to divide the cheese into portions, so it will be easy for you to take out and eat for later use.

Step 3. Stir the ricotta cheese to make it freeze evenly.

Step 4. Next, all you need to id close the container and then put it on the freezer.

Frozen ricotta cheese better to be consumed within a week after you put it on the freezer. If you want to add it to your dishes, just take it out from the freezer and defrost it to room temperature.

So, the answer to "Can you freeze cheese?" is totally a YES. Yes, of course, you can freeze your leftovers cheese so you can have it later on for future use.

Does this article answer your question of "Can you freeze cheese"? We hope this article can be a little light to your curious mind. Do not forget to try out the steps by yourself at home. We wish you good luck! Happy trying!