25+ Interviewing Questions: Most Common Questions for the Interviewees to Master


Interview Questions

Interviewing Questions - Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

5. What three words would you use to describe your ideal work environments?

In the same vein, it is smart to ask what the candidate likes in terms of atmosphere to make sure you find someone who can’t only survive, but also thrive in your existing culture.

Maybe this person is stating that he/she likes a quieter environment with lots of hard work. If your office is very fast-paced and high-energy, it could cause some friction. Or, maybe he/she explains that he/she prefers a lot of structure and predictability, which is not much found in your casual startup where everyone is wearing lots of hats.

For better or for worse, this question will at least help you decide whether the applicant will feel comfortable in the work environments you have fostered.

6. If hired, what is the first thing you will handle in this position?

This is a good question to ask in the next round of the interview, when you are choosing among the final candidates you have narrowed and selected down.

This one is effective for several reasons. First, this is another opportunity to confirm that the interviewee has the correct understanding of all the positions that will be responsible. Second, it gives you the opportunity to understand his/her priorities. What does he/she believe should be at the top of the position's to-do list?

Last but not least, questions like these mean you can go beyond the generalizations that often accompany interviews and gain some insight into how the candidate actually performed in the role.

7. Why did you leave your current company?

Here it is one of interviewing questions that is sure to make any job seeker cringe. Because no one wants to look like badmouthing a previous boss or employer, which makes this one difficult for applicants to answer.

However, asking this question will give you greater insight into the person's professional history, as well as help you identify red flags that might indicate that the candidate isn't the best for this job.


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