5 Most Popular Procedures of Cosmetic Surgery Barcelona Has to Offer

5 Most Popular Procedures of Cosmetic Surgery Barcelona Has to Offer
Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

Tripboba.com - Beauty standard has been a never ending issue in society. It feels like every country has its own standard of beauty. For instances, Asians consider that a double eyelid represents a perfect face. As a result, many people in Asia get an eyelid surgery as they think it makes their face more attractive. In contrast, some think monolids will only bring insecurity.

On the other hand, western people prioritize their body shape more than face. Large breast, tiny waist with big hips have been considered as the new western beauty standard. Celebrities will show their S line off in every photoshoot. As for face, thick lips still hold the primary standard of beauty.

If South Korea represents the best plastic surgery destination in Asia, Barcelona is considerably famous for western people. The city located on the coast of northeastern Spain is known for its body contouring procedures. Other than body contouring, here are four most popular procedures of cosmetic surgery Barcelona has to offer:

Thread lift

Thread lift is pretty well-known in Barcelona. Many people strive to get their face restored to some degree of firmness. Thread lift is usually done by patient who has loose skin and is not confident with her appearance. Different from most cosmetic surgery procedures that involve big scale of operation, thread lift only needs temporary sutures to create a subtle lift in the skin. This procedure will let the patients to have a firm face skin without any surgery.
You can consider do a thread lift in Barcelona as many certified doctors expertise in this field. More importantly, thread lift has shorter recovery time compared to facelift.

Breast surgery

Beside thread lift, breast surgery can be one option if you are planning to get a cosmetic surgery in Barcelona. You can find and trust professional surgeons with satisfying result in this country. One prominent figure in this field is Dr. Benito Ruiz who has published several international papers on breast surgery, particularly breast augmentation. He is the founder of Antiaging Group Barcelona which is now one of the top plastic surgery clinics in Spain.
If you prefer a female doctor, maybe you could contact Dra. Marisa Manzano who is specialized in plastic surgery since 1999. She has expertise in breast surgery whether it’s for aesthetic intention or reconstruction.


If you are interested, perhaps you could consider getting a nose job in Barcelona. Known as rhinoplasty, some clinics and hospitals in the country are known to transform the nose bridge into a more pronounced shape. Rhinoplasty in Barcelona is addressed to improve the aesthetic of your nose and also for health intention.

Eyelid surgery

Even though South Korea is a more famous destination for cosmetic eye surgery, Barcelona can be taken into consideration. Indeed, eyelid surgery is not only popular in Asia. About 15 percent cosmetic surgery procedures in the world are eyelid surgeries.

Body contouring

It is mentioned before that western people value more on body shape instead of face. Some people choose routine workout to build an S-line. But, many also willing to spend money on body contouring and Barcelona can be one recommended country to get one. Certified doctors in Barcelona can create a thick muscular hips for patients who have wish to have an S-line body.


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