5 Reasons Why You Should Try Medical Tourism in Nuuk, Greenland

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Medical Tourism in Nuuk, Greenland
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Tripboba.com - What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Greenland? A lot of people might think Greenland as a country full of icebergs. Yet, this country is far more than that.

Nuuk as the capital city of Greenland is populated by approximately 17000 inhabitants. With its small populated area, Nuuk has qualified health services equivalent to other big cities. Hospitals and doctors in Nuuk possess skill needed to assist both local and international travelers.

Just like any other destinations, Greenland has top facilities suitable for medical tourism. Medical tourists who are interested to visit the country can consider coming to Nuuk. Due to the ice sheet which covers about 80 percent area of the country, travelers are suggested to visit on mid-July to early August.

No worries, Greenland is still approachable for foreigners. But it should be kept in mind that not all local people can speak English. Thus a translator is needed when you have a plan to visit the country. Indeed, you can get variety of health services and experience the local’s culture in Nuuk at the same time.

In short, here we provide five reasons why you should experience medical tourism in Nuuk, Greenland.

Skilled Medical Staffs

Doctors and medical staffs in Nuuk are skilled with good performances. They are competent and used to deal with emergency patients. Emergency patients mostly those who are under influence of alcohol. No need to worry, once again, medical staffs are already trained with such case.


Nordic Co-operation reports that you can get rehabilitation assistance in Greenland. This health service is provided for those who have certain health conditions or any other social reasons which results in the unemployment.

Personal Consultation

Health services in Nuuk is testified to offer personal consultation for its patient. The research conducted by International Journal of Circumpolar Health says that more than 80 percent people in Nuuk do a routine consultation with the primary health care system throughout 2011. This means that the city has high awareness towards their health.

Small Country with Expertise

Health care centers in Greenland spread all over the region including Nuuk. Medical staffs in this country can perform minor to major surgery with promising result. The doctors are directly chosen by Greenlandic authorities. In some cases, they are also assigned by certain medical agency.

One Health Center in Each Village

What is interesting about this small country is how every village in Greenland has minimum one hospital or health center provided. So you don’t need to be worry about your plan in visiting Greenland for medical tourism.


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