7 Most Unusual Hotels You Must Book After Pandemic is Over

Jul 22, 2020 11:41 PM

Icehotel official website - Photo by Icehotel

Tripboba.com - 2020 has been really weird with the pandemic, lockdown measures, police brutality (well, for this one we should say that it’s been going on for a while).

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It almost feels like we’re living our life on autopilot mode, not really knowing what would happen the next day.

That being said, all these situations should not stop us from living our life to the fullest. If you have a dream to visit all the famous places in the world, the underrated ones, or the weird ones, we should still pursue it because, when else are we going to have the chance?

In this article Tripboba has listed all the unique/unusual hotels that will make the adventurous side of you satisfied! From aerospace-themed hotel to underwater hotel, we got them. This time might be perfect as well for you to save your money to experience staying in these hotels, with extraordinary amenities you can’t find anywhere else.

1. Palacio Del Sal, Bolivia 

Our first pick is Palacio Del Sal in Bolivia. What makes this hotel unique is that this hotel is entirely made of salt! Its walls, ceilings, floors, sculptures, and even furniture. Located in Salar de Uyuni, Uyuni, Bolivia, this hotel has the atmosphere of a museum. Rooms are spacious and there’s a pool area as well.

 It’s also located on a high altitude, more than 3000 meters above sea level. Cooking in this hotel also talks longer because of the air pressure due to the high altitude as well. It will be a pretty unique staying experience, wouldn’t it?

2. Icehotel, Sweden

Ever wonder how does it feel to stay inside an ice castle like Queen Elsa in Frozen? Well, you can get similar experience by staying in Icehotel, which is made of ice! After 2017, this hotel is open all year round as they have installed new technology to prevent the ice from melting in summer. All suites are decorated differently by artists all over the world. There are guides and films that will also introduce you about the hotel itself.

The best thing about this hotel is probably how it’s made, because everything is environmentally sustainable. Ice are obtained from the nearest river and you will still kept warm under the sleeping bag. This hotel is truly a mix of art and nature.

3. No Man’s Fort, United Kingdom

How about we stay in the middle of the sea? Yes, you read that right. In No Man’s Fort, you will stay in a fort that is surrounded by the ocean. The fort itself is historical, built in the 19th century in the Solent Strait. To reach this hotel, you must go by boat from Portsmouth.

Even though the outside look of the hotel looks old, the rooms are elegant with maritime-themed décor, equipped with flat-screen TV and ocean views. There is also a penthouse set in a lighthouse, offering separate living spaces and 360 degree views.

4. Hotel Marques De Riscal, Spain 

If you want to stay in a hotel with a unique architectural design, then you can book a room in Hotel Marques de Riscal in Spain. The outside-wavy roof of the hotel is made of titanium, as the artists wanted to incorporate the colours of wine bottles and modernity of a hotel. The hotel also has their own winery as well! you can do wine tasting while you’re here. Inside of the rooms are mostly furnished with leather and maple woods.

5. Jumbo Stay, Sweden

Spending time in a plane might be something that many of us despise – not a lot of room to move, seat getting kicked from someone behind you, and many more. But in Jumbo Stay Hotel in Sweden, you can get a good night sleep inside a Boeing 747, an actual airplane that was used for many years before.

Guests can choose from single rooms or upgraded rooms, with 1 of them is in the former cockpit area. The suite features a bathroom inside and a minifridge. Near the hotel is the actual airport, but the walls and doors are pretty solid so you will be able to sleep soundly. You can also walk on the plane’s wings.

6. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Where else could you stay in a place along with giraffes and other animals if not in Giraffe Manor, Kenya? This hotel allows you to connect more with the nature and the wildlife. The giraffe will come near you when you’re having breakfast and you’ll be able to feed them as well!

The hotel only has 10 bedrooms with colonial manor style, and you can choose to stay in the main building or in the second manor. The ambience of the hotel itself will take you back into 1930s, when this hotel was a private residence of a wealthy British family.

7. Treehotel, Sweden

If you had a dream to live in a treehouse in your childhood, this is the time to make it a reality! You can book a room in Treehotel, Sweden. They have 7 rooms that are made up on the trees, separated from each other. You can choose between UFO room, Mirror Cube,
UFO room, mirror cube, Bird’s Nest, The Cabin, 7th Room, Dragonfly, and The Blue Cone. All of them has amazing view of the forest and the river nearby.


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