Check Out These 7 Most Unique Wedding Dresses Ever!

Pexels - Photo by Rene Asmussen

Jul 25, 2020 10:24 PM

Wedding dresses is one of the most important point in a wedding. It makes you the center of attention in your wedding day. Most people people chose elegant wedding dresses, with classic design giving them the “grand” vibe. Choosing a wedding dress is never an easy task as well, since different body types would suit some type of gowns more than the others.

However, have you ever thought of unique bridal gowns that never crosses your mind? Bridal gown designers also love to explore more! Many of them makes their designs eccentric or unique – but they don’t let go the main aspects of the bridal gown itself. If you wish to look different from other brides in your special day, we have compiled 7 most unique wedding dresses that could be your inspiration!

1. “Gilda” gown by Carolina Herrera Bride

Our first pick goes to “Gilda” gown by Carolina Herrera. This gown is released in Fall 2018, along with other 11 bridal gowns. The price of the gown itself is USD 8,990 and the matching veil is USD 2,190. This gowns certainly gives off a flower garden vibe with the scattered meadow of purple and scarlet flowers pattern across the fabric.

It’s also perfect if you’re looking for a feminine-looking dress. The ruffled sleeves also gives off a fun, young, and lovely charm for anyone who wears it.

2. “Risuena” gown of beading and feathers by Atelier Pronovias

Mermaid style is one of the most popular style for wedding dresses, but Risuena by Atelier Pronovias went above and beyond with this style. Incorporating long sleeves and feathers, this dress gives off femininity and sensuality with every stitch. The entire fabric is decorated by beading, which certainly will make you look unique but still gorgeous in your special day.

3. “Look 7” print silk organza jumpsuit by Honor

Wearing a jumpsuit in your wedding day? If you’re confident about it, why not! Honor released their “Look 7” jumpsuit which is perfect for a garden party – themed wedding, featuring wildflower pigment print silk organza fabrics. This dress will also certainly makes it easier for you to move around!

4. “Fonda” dress by Alyne by Rita Vinieris

This one, we’re sure you don’t see them very often. A jersey for a unique wedding? Major yes! This high-low jersey with embroidered lace and grosgrain accent will definitely make you easier to move around and gives off a casual vibe of you. Pair it with white sneakers, you’re going to have a blast in your wedding day with your friends!

5. “Catherine Bow” pantsuit with detachable neckband by Viktor & Rolf Marriage

Viktor&Rolf Official Facebook page - Photo by Viktor&Rolf

Time to introduce the pantsuit by Viktor & Rolf Marriage, named “Catherine Bow”. This is a modern pantsuit with ribbon bow detailing on the front and features a detachable neckband that crosses over to the back, forming two crossover straps. This flattering fit will create a beautiful, long straight legs to the people who wears it! You can pair this pantsuit with white ribbon bow heels as well.

6. “Ada” by Francesca Miranda

Want to look even more ethereal in your wedding day? We recommend you to check out “Ada” wedding dress by Francesca Miranda. With V neck line featuring hand-embroidered guipiure gown and adorned with layers of silk thread fringe, this will make you looks like you’re coming off a fairytale. Pair it with flower crown over your head and enjoy one of the best moments of your life!

7. “Gold Plate” gown by Reem Acra

Make yourself look like you’re a garden fairy by wearing the “Gold Plate” by Reem Acra! This wedding dress incorporates gold-coloured intricate details on white transparent fabric. This stunning dress is definitely elegant for an outdoor wedding party.


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