Get Your Dream Look in Costa Rica, Budget Travellers are Welcome Here

Get Your Dream Look in Costa Rica, Budget Travellers are Welcome Here
SHARE - Plastic surgery's rise in medical tourism offers the solution to have a great aesthetic makeover. Your dream looks can be achieved by going under the knife. Plastic surgery involving reconstructive makeover on the face or body. Yet, many still can only dream because of high costs related to the procedure, aftercare, or consultation in plastic surgery in America.

This gave the birth of medical tourism abroad. It is estimated that you can save up to thousands of dollars getting plastic surgery abroad in countries such as South Korea, India, or Brazil. Abroad, you can get quality treatment for fraction of a price you would typically get in America.

Don’t get hasty, there are many tick boxes that you need to do before boarding to a foreign nation. You need to make sure that they have quality care that still within your budget. Aftercare is also important as you typically will be hospitalized after receiving a procedure.

So, what is the alternative? You can set your sight to Costa Rica. Claimed as the third smallest country in the world, this nation packs a punch when it comes to plastic surgery. They claimed that 36.000 medical tourists seek treatment in 2012.

Costa Rica has two healthcare system divided between public and private. Under these systems, great hospitals such as CIMA hospital, Clínica Bíblica, or Hospital La Católica offers great service and quality treatment. They have certifications and skilled doctors for plastic surgery. Costa Rica claimed to have world-class plastic surgery with modern procedures and facilities.

You can save up to 50%-80% in budget then getting the same treatment in America or in Europe. This attracts medical tourists that want to have great quality procedures while not breaking the bank.

Let’ take breast enlargement surgery for example. In Costa Rica, this much-desired procedure costs about USD 3.000. Meanwhile, for the same procedure in America, you need to cough up to USD 6.000 to 12.000. Facelift surgery costs around USD 4.500 in here while in America or Canada you can pay up to USD 7.500 to 15.000.

Costa Rica excels not only in plastic surgery but also in other medical fields. Knee replacement and bariatric surgery are some of the many popular treatments in Costa Rica.
English speaking patients won’t have difficulty communicating with medical personnel. Costa Rica offers trained doctors and nurses that well versed in English. International payment such as VISA is available in Costa Rica. For more detailed information, please do your research before considering any procedure here.

Great five stars hotel costs a fraction than in America. You can live a lavish lifestyle while getting your procedure done. In budget? Costa Rica also has a great selection of accommodation for every traveler.

Costa Rica is known for its hospitality. They really care for the patient's wellbeing that visited their country. While you here, you can also travel to beautiful beaches, attractions, great bars, and nightlife. Relax away and forget about daily hustle while in Costa Rica.


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