CDC’s Advice for Global Travelers During Coronavirus Outbreak

Feb 28, 2020 01:00 PM

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SHARE - Nowadays, the spreading of the coronavirus has grown to the point that it becomes a huge concern for everyone outside China.

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The rapidly growing virus has been hitting on some developed countries such as South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, and Hong Kong. For that reason, The US State Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have announced travel advice for the U.S citizens but also for any world-wide travelers that plan a trip to the countries listed above.

According to this policy, travelers coming from countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, and Hong Kong, who feel sick with a symptom of respiratory problems, should immediately seek further medical help to get a thorough check-up and examination. Don't take chances, please go to the nearest capable hospital or medical facilities for help.

CDC also has other advice that travelers should be aware of. The threat of Covid-19 or coronavirus is real and travelers should be cautious at all times. Here is CDC advice for frequent traveler during the virus's outbreak.

1. CDC suggests travelers reconsider cruise ships to or within Asia

To minimize the rapid spreading of coronavirus, some cruises to or within some parts of territory in Asia have been changed or canceled. If you really need to take a cruise, please keep monitoring which cruise ships are at risk for the virus outbreak from reliable sources such as online news media and information from social media.

2. CDC’s health notice for mainland China.

CDC recommends for the people outside of China not to take a trip to China. CDC also encourages the citizens in China to stay at home away from social gatherings to prevent virus transmission. The notice also includes that travelers that come back from China to take the 14 days quarantine to make sure that the potential virus is under control.

3. CDC’s health notice for South Korea 

South Korea is listed as the country with the highest number of coronavirus outbreak after mainland China. The CDC’s advice for the people in South Korea is that the elderly and people with a chronic medical condition with the risk should undergo travel delays and quarantine to avoid further virus transmission.

4. CDC’s health notice for Japan

Japan also emerges as the next country where the coronavirus cases has been rising significantly. CDC recommends for older adults and people with a chronic medical condition to postpone nonessential travel. This policy is applied to minimize the risk of the spreading of coronavirus.

5. CDC’s health notice for Hong Kong

CDC does not recommend for people in Hong Kong to postpone or cancel the trip as the coronavirus in Hong Kong is relatively still within the “watch” level. Hong Kong government also has begun to apply the 14-day quarantine for the people arriving from China to prevent further virus transmission.


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