Coronavirus: 6 Tips You Should Take Note to Guarantee Your Safety While Traveling Abroad

Coronavirus: 6 Tips You Should Take Note to Guarantee Your Safety While Traveling Abroad
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The massive COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak has been hitting on several countries in the world including China, South Korea, Italy, and several other countries. Now it becomes a global concern to minimize the spreading of this deadly virus. Especially for you travel junkie, it is highly advisable to pay an extra attention to ensure that your trip aboard is safe. The airports, where people all around the world drop by to transit, are among the red zones that should be taken care with special protections to prevent the transmission of the virus. Other than certain precautions that have been applied to avoid the virus transmission, you should also prepare yourself and your family for travel safety.

To be more aware with the spreading of coronavirus, here are six tips that you should take note to guarantee your safety during travelling abroad:

1. Do a research about the destination that you plan to visit

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Of course, the first attempt of prevention that you should do to guarantee your safe trip is by doing a research about the place that you plan to visit. Make sure that your destination has clean record of the coronavirus outbreak. By doing a thorough research, you will understand about the policies within the county that you want to visit in terms of how trusted they are in handling the virus outbreak.

2. Avoid going to the countries with high number of Coronavirus cases

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Apart from China where the coronavirus is originated from, the virus has spread very rapidly in some other parts of the world. With the 2,337 recent cases in South Korea, this country ranks 2 as the country with the highest number of coronavirus cases after China. Other countries with concerning number of coronavirus cases include Italy, Iran, and Japan. If your travel destination happens to be somewhere among the countries mentioned above, you should definitely reconsider to change your trip to another destination or time.

3. Keep your hand clean and avoid touching your face

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Although there is still no exact explanation of how coronavirus can grow really rapidly in such a short amount of time — based on the data from the previous case of MERS and SARA — the virus is mostly transmitted through people’s cough and sneeze. When someone is infected through sneezes or coughs, the droplets get spread around. And if you happen to touch the surface that contains the droplet of cough or sneeze from the infected person, you are definitely in a risky situation. That is why it is very important to keep your hand clean by regularly wash your hands and keep hand sanitizer with you wherever you go. Also, avoid touching the area on your face, particularly nose and mouth, to prevent the unwanted virus to enter your respiratory system.

4. Try to avoid sitting near someone who is sick

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If you are riding on public transportation, it is advisable for you to observe your surrounding area. If you stay in close distance with the people who seem to be catching on a flu or a fever, it is recommended to move to the certain place where it is far from someone who is sick. This is not in any way acting all rude to a sick person. Instead by keeping a distance, you lower the possibility of getting infected by the virus.

5. Wear a face mask

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Another mandatory but important stuff that you should prepare for your safety during a trip is face mask. Wearing a face mask can minimize the possibility of a virus to enter your respiratory system. Although the regular face mask is said to be not so helpful in blocking away the virus, covering your respiratory area is still a good prevention to do.

6. Go to the nearest hospital if there is a symptom

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In the worst-case scenario, if you feel sick particularly related to your respiratory system, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital to undergo a medical check-up. But don’t get too panicked. This is only for the sake of everyone’s safety including your own. By ensuring that you are healthy enough to continue your travel plan, your trip abroad won’t endanger other people’s safety and more importantly yours.


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