Cumberland Mountain State Park, Crossville TN: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Cumberland Mountain State Park official instagram - Photo by Cumberland Mountain State Park

Apr 09, 2020 15:11 PM

What comes to your mind when someone mentions Tennessee? Is it where you live in? Is it somewhere you want to visit? Or you’re reminded by Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home that is located in Memphis and because it's the second most-visited house in the country?

Yeah, we agree. Tennessee is truly a home for many famous things and people. But if you’re planning to visit the state, you can’t skip its beautiful Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville, Tennessee.

Cumberland Mountain State Park is exactly located at 1125, 24 Office Dr, Crossville, TN 38555. It’s a park that consists of 1,720 land situated around Byrd Lake. It’s a part of Cumberland Plateau, a segment of the great upland, extending from western New York to central Alabama. 

In Cumberland Mountain State Park, you can do many activities in its various attractions such as the Byrd Lake, swimming pool, hiking trail, campground, and many others. Are you planning to visit this park in the near future? Read down below to see if you can make a list of activities you want to do at the park!

Cumberland Mountain State Park Camping

Cumberland Mountain State Park official website - Photo by Cumberland Mountain State Park

There are 2 kinds of sites offered by the park if you want to camp: tent and RV sites with the rates starting from USD 32 to USD 35. But remember that you need to book the site beforehand. You will be charged USD 5 for the reservation fee. 

In total, the park has 145 tents and RV campsites with hookups provided. This park provides 5 camping areas for the visitors. For your information, campsite number 4 and the bathhouse are not handicap accessible. Meanwhile, campsites 1, 2, 3, and 5 are all handicap accessible.

Other facilities are also available, such as picnic tables, grills, and bathhouse facilities. For non-campers, there will be a USD 3 fee for the shower. The maximum number of people who can camp is 7 adults. Also, 2 tents are allowed in one site.

Hiking in Cumberland Mountain State Park

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Hiking in Cumberland Mountain State Park is also a perfect activity to do since the park offers hiking trails, from easy, moderate, to difficult. You can walk the path while enjoying the fresh air of the park and nature. You might also see birds flying around from one tree branch to another.

There are 6 hiking trails you can choose to hike. The first one is Byrd Creek Trail with 2 miles of trail length. The level of this trail is easy to moderate. This trail provides hikers with a unique treetop canopy of hemlock trees in several areas.

This trail will also bring you to places that are generally lower in temperature because of the vegetation. Hikers will also cross a small creek that is home to a unique bridge built by an eagle scout. 

Another easy to moderate trails is Cumberland Plateau Nature Trail with the length of 0,85 miles. You can see the pink lady’s slipper in the late spring through this trail. Moderate trail in this park would be the Pioneer Loop trail with the trail’s length 2,55 miles. This section of the trail will bring you to see a variety of rocks overhangs and unique rock outcroppings.

The easy trails in this park are Byrd Lake and Pioneer Short Loop Trail. Byrd Lake trail is the shortest trail with only 0,50 miles as its path length.  Pioneer Short Loop Trail is higher with 1,80 miles of the trail’s length. Pioneer Short Loop is the most frequently hiked trail in Cumberland Mountain State Park. 

Moderate to difficult trail will be Overnight Trail. It has the longest trail path, 5,95 miles to complete. You’ll have to go through a dense forest and a swinging bridge. The overnight campsite is located on this trail. 

Cumberland Mountain State Park Restaurant

Cumberland Mountain State Park official website - Photo by Cumberland Mountain State Park

There is a restaurant located in the Cumberland Mountain State Park called Homestead Harvest Restaurant. It’s situated on the scenic Byrd Lake. There are 2 kinds of menu served in this restaurant, the first one is the banquet menu and the second one is the winter menu. 

If you’re a vegan, they also serve vegetarian and vegan-friendly options! Because it’s a buffet, you serve for yourself. But the staff will always be ready if you need any help. They serve different food every night with a wide option of cuisines. What makes this place more relaxing is because most of the tables overlook the Byrd Lake. Definitely a must-visit restaurant!

Paddling at Byrd Lake

Cumberland Mountain State Park official instagram - Photo by Cumberland Mountain State Park

Not only for sightseeing, you can paddle as well at the Byrd Lake. You can bring your own paddle or rent one from the park. Not only paddles, but the park also has canoes, kayaks, tandem kayaks, and pedal boats ready to use. 

If you’re bringing your own, you must pay USD 5 for lake permit, payable at the boat dock or park office from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday. The boat dock is open for rentals on Saturdays and Sundays only from May through October. 

Swimming at Cumberland Mountain State Park Pool

Cumberland Mountain State Park official website - Photo by Cumberland Mountain State Park

Cumberland Mountain State Park also has its own swimming pool! It’s open for the season on the Saturday before Memorial Day. The pool is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:45 PM from August 8 to Labor Day. Then it closes for the season.

The depth of the pool is 3 feet deep for the shallowest and 3 feet deep for the deepest. It also has swimming lanes and two diving boards, each is one meter and three meters high. The swimming pool has a shower area, changing rooms, and bathroom facilities. 

The entry fee for the swimming pool is USD 5 for visitors of two years old and older. For cabin and camping guests, the pool charges USD 3. You can also book this place for pool parties!

Cumberland Mountain State Park Golf Course

Cumberland Mountain State Park official website - Photo by Cumberland Mountain State Park

The golf course in Bear Trace is the most famous one in Tennessee. It covers 6,900 yards of land, par 72 layout featuring 18 holes, elevation changes, flowing brooks, and mature pines.

The amenities at this golf course includes driving range, practice green, pull carts, on-site lodging, snack bar, and club rental. If you’re just starting to play golf, they also have golf lessons open for beginners.