From Castle-shaped to Chandelier, Take A Look at These 7 Super Elegant Wedding Cakes!

Pexels - Photo by Brent Keane

Jul 29, 2020 11:36 PM

Wedding isn’t an occasion that you could make very often – and most of us wish of one wedding for a lifetime. That’s why wedding day is very special and many people try to celebrate the day to the fullest. Everything in wedding must be well-thought, from wedding dress, catering, place, bridesmaids and groomsmen, and many more. Wedding cake is also an important point in a wedding.

If you’re thinking about holding a classy and elegant wedding ceremony, you should take a look at these wedding cakes inspiration! Each of them gives off a grand-vibe while still being gorgeous. Without further ado, scroll down to see our picks of these elegant wedding cakes!

1. White Wedding Cakes with Flower Hoop

Our first pick goes to this white wedding cake with flower hoop in the middle! Everything about this cake is perfect, including the detailed floral frosting in the lower tier.

2. Castle Wedding Cake

Can you believe this is a whole cake? Yes! This wedding cake maker has been creating many castle wedding cakes. Totally perfect if you want to have a fairy tale wedding theme.

3. Wedding cake on a swing

Want a different setting for your cake? Why don’t you place your wedding cake on a decorated swing!

4. Floating cake

This cake might look simple, but the central point of this cake, which is a floating tier will make this one different from the others!

5. Dove nest wedding cake

Fancy a wedding cake without all the sparkle and has the nature-vibe? This cake might be perfect for you! Featuring artificial bird nest, thin branches, and doves, this cake will totally go well with an outdoor wedding.

6. Chandelier wedding cake

If most wedding cakes need a table or a cake stand, this one is different because it’s set like a chandelier! With crystals hanging down and flowers surrounding the cake, this cake is definitely one of a kind.

7. Ring box shaped wedding cake

This ring box shaped wedding cake isn’t only elegant, but they’re also perfect for you who don’t like big cakes! With shining, silver beads and laces, this cake is perfect not only for weddings, but also engagements!