Battle Ropes Workout: Everything You Need to Know!

Battle Ropes Workout - Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Jun 30, 2020 09:00 AM

As a fitness training enthusiast, you might want to experience a wide range of gym equipment available in the market. But, it’s essential to understand your exact needs. If you’re attempting to increase full-body strength and conditioning specifically, you can try battle ropes workout!

But then, why should you go with battle ropes? A small study in 2015 shows that a 10-minute workout with the ropes can increase our heart rate and energy expenditure. Of course, this isn’t the only thing that matters from battle ropes workout since this type of exercise has many other health benefits.

It should be understood that there are numerous types of ropes used for this workout, and choosing one should depend on your needs. Learn more about battle ropes workout through this article before deciding on picking the right type for you!

1. What is battle ropes workout?

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Are you looking to pack on lean mass? Then battle ropes are a must-have tool for your fitness training. It was originally designed by John Brookfield who developed the system around 2006 in his backyard.

Do you know that battle ropes were taught to Special Forces, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Olympic wrestling team after its development?

The ropes have two standard diameters (25mm and 44mm) and three standard lengths (5m, 10m, and 25m). Three common exercises performed with battle ropes, including the wave, slams, and pulls.

This battle ropes workout works each arm independently and helps you eliminate strength imbalances as the ropes sculpt your muscles simultaneously.

2. Battle Ropes Benefits

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Before starting to learn some exercises you can do with battle ropes, it’d better to understand the benefits you may reap from this workout.

According to research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, just 10 minutes of swinging the heavy workout tool will burn 112 calories in your body, which will be an excellent strategy to burn your fat.

Battle ropes also help you sculpt muscles. And the good news is that these ropes target muscles that are often left out of standard training routines. They also increase mobility due to the dynamic nature of the exercises.

And most importantly, they’re fun to use due to the presence of a childlike playfulness while you’re throwing and pulling the ropes.

3. Best 3 Battle Ropes Exercises

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Don't get it wrong, throwing these thick heavy ropes is more than the look. It's such a ruthlessly effective workout because you'll work both arms, along with your back, chest, legs, and core, depending on your routine.

There are some exercises you can do with these ropes so that you won't get bored with its dynamic!

Biceps Wave
This is probably the exercise commonly associated with battle ropes. What you need to do is keep the rest of your body still, wave the ropes as fast as possible, and focus on high reps and high amplitude. Make sure to stay in a quarter squat position, with your back straight, and keep elbow movement to a minimum while you wave battle ropes.

Jump Slam
This exercise is likely everyone's favorite. Jum slam involves some fun activities such as jumping up and bringing both ropes down together, aiming for high amplitude. Simply treat this exercise like a squat jump with a slam.

Keeping your elbows relatively straight and your torso neutral while slamming the ropes into the ground is all you have to do. This exercise can get your heart rate up and burn calories.

Standing Pull Down
A great way to start many exercises of battle ropes pulls is the Standing Pull Down. This exercise works your arms, lats, and core. To do the Standing Pull Down, wrap the rope around a pole or pulling station up above your head enough times. 

Then standing with your feet between hip-width and shoulder-width apart, sink into a very high squat, pushing your butt back while keeping your chest up. Reach up and grab the rope with one hand above your head and pull down the rope.

4. Best Battle Ropes

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While you can always go to the gym for a battle ropes exercise, nothing beats the excitement of having your equipment at home. There are many battle ropes available to purchase. So, make sure not to get confused with the abundant options.

Here are some recommendations for you:

1. Best Budget: AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Training Rope at Amazon

2. Best for Beginners: NEXPro Battle Rope at Amazon

3. Best for Training: GoFit Combat Rope at Walmart

4. Best Overall: Power Guidance Battle Rope at Amazon