How to Google Hangouts Screen Sharing and Setup Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts - Photo by Google Play Store

Jul 27, 2020 05:00 PM

Google Hangouts is a digital platform to communicate that is developed by Google. This communication platform was originally one of the features of Google+. But in 2013, Google Hangouts became a stand-alone product.

People can use Google Hangouts to keep in touch with one person or a group all over the world only in one touch by video or voice calls. This platform is available on mobile or desktop and the users can use it everywhere and every time they like.

The application is an incredible means for company or class gatherings, such as for meetings. As of March 2020, screen sharing to Hangouts Meet works from devoted gathering room equipment, yet also from the Chrome program on PCs and work areas, just as from the Hangouts Meet Android and iOS applications.

Standard screens show to all gathering members. When you allow the app to access your camera, Hangouts Meet will display your face so that other audiences can see one another's face.

Besides the video and voice calls feature, the users can also do screen sharing with other audiences. Google Hangouts screen sharing allows the users to share their currently open application, a document, or tabs in an internet browser.

If you're coming here to find out the steps on Google Hangouts screen sharing, you are in the right place! Now, scroll this page thoroughly to learn how to Google Hangouts screen sharing.

Screen Sharing on Google Hangouts

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The first step on how to Google Hangouts screen sharing is to open the app. You can access the app through your phone or personal computer.

In case you haven't signed in, click "Log In" and sign in to your Google Hangouts account. If you don't have an account, click "Sign Up" to make one.

Now that you're ready to use Google Hangouts, let's move to the steps on how to Google Hangouts screen sharing.

1. If you are using the classic version of Google Hangouts, there is a screen share button on the left side of the video call window. It's the one with a green icon with a white arrow. Move your cursor over the Hangouts window to find the options.

2. Decide how you want to share your screen — you can either share the whole screen, which is the default alternative, or a Google Doc you’ve uploaded, or an Internet tab you currently open. You will be given the opportunity to choose what you wish to share.

3. After you finish Google Hangouts screen sharing, don't forget to close the window of your shared screen so everyone (the audiences) will not be able to see your screen anymore and automatically return to the Hangouts screen.

Google Hangouts screen sharing not working

There are likewise circumstances where screen sharing won't work in Google Hangouts. In case you're having issues with Google Hangouts or the screen sharing element, there are a couple of things to attempt to make it work appropriately. 

Most of the time, when screen sharing quits working in a meeting, it usually has something to do with the internet browser you're using or it's the internet connection in your place. Below are several methods to try if your Google Hangouts screen sharing is not working.

1. Change the Browser 

If you experience any glitches when sharing screens in Google Hangouts, you should initially stop using it or maybe just use another program. If you use Safari or Mozilla Firefox, make a cut using Google Chrome, an internet browser created by Google. 

2. Clear the Browser Cache

At the point when utilized for delayed timeframes, programs regularly need their Cache cleared. Clearing your store implies that the program won't load the site from the reserve; however will instead go the site to stack a new, refreshed rendition. You can discover the store clearing process in the settings and should be possible rapidly. 

This procedure will be like other internet browsers. When you've cleared the program cache, try reworking the screen sharing procedure as explained above. 

3. Update the Application

In case you're utilizing a cell phone, you'll need to ensure that your Google Hangouts application is in the know regarding the most current programming. 

The individuals who are new to the application, guarantee that your gadget settings permit sound and video when propelling. By visiting settings on your telephone or tablet, you can ensure that the authorizations are turned on for the application. 

On the off chance that issues persevere, erase the application, and download it once more.