How to Stop Nausea Fast: Simple Ingredients You Can Use to Cure Nausea

How to Stop Nausea Fast: Simple Ingredients You Can Use to Cure Nausea
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SHARE - Nausea can happen to anybody and it's not good indeed. It can disturb your activities, ruin your plans, and annoy your precious sleep time in a bad way.

Nausea happens in your stomach. It is not like a "butterflies in my stomach" sensation, like when you are nervous before doing speech or. It is worse.

Experts found that nausea happens as one of the most common side effects after patients taking medication. But there are also other factors that cause it.

But, you can calm down because this uncomfortable condition can be cured. So, what methods can help relieves nausea?

Inside this article, there are some tips on how to stop nausea fast with some simple ingredients that you can find in your kitchen, such as peppermint oil, peppermint tea, bland foods, and etc.

For a complete explanation, let's start this article!

Definition of Nausea

Definition of Nausea
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Nausea is an uneasy condition where you feel pain in your stomach that often comes before vomiting.

Commonly, it will come in or after you had a long, or rough journey with transportations, which we called motion sickness.

You can also get nausea during pregnancy, which we call morning sickness, even though it can happen all the time, day or night, or when you consume some poisoned or allergic food, like milk.

Nausea Symptoms

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After coming home drunk and wasted, you might feel some of these conditions such as heavy and tight feeling around the stomach and have indigestion that is hard to get rid of. These are the symptoms of nausea.

You might wonder what kind of anti nausea medication to cure your nausea fast. Well, continue reading till the end of this article!

Reducing Nausea

Reducing Nausea
Photo by congerdesign from Pixabay When you start feeling nausea, these things might help reduce it. Some of them are indicated as home remedies for nausea, which means you can get them from your kitchen. Let's check it out about how to stop nausea fast down below.

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is one of the good beverages for reducing nausea in minutes. The combination between ginger and hot water helps lots of people from feeling nausea.

How to stop nausea fast, you can eat ginger directly without mixing it with honey or a slice of limes. But, if you think that it is hard to feel ginger in your mouth, this is a great option to make it friendly with your mouth.

Ginger tea is popular among pregnant moms because it brings no harm to the baby and mother, except if you consume it too much. Besides, it can be enjoyed fresh and warm, directly from the kitchen.

2. Fresh Mint Leaves

Nausea can be reduced by chewing some fresh mint leaves for a couple of minutes. To make it better, combine it with hot tea and smell the steam to make you feel better.

3. Lemon

Cut a lemon into three or four slices and suck it as one of the way on how to stop nausea fast. Or, if you can't stand the sour, you can just smell the lemon.

You can also squeeze it into warm drink water or tea and drink it. Best to give to the pregnant woman.

4. Acupuncture or Acupressure

This time you'll be dealing with needles stuck on your body. But, of course, it should be stuck at some right points on your body to stimulate the central nervous system that will help you to increase your healing ability.

This ancient-China medication is commonly chosen by cancer patients and also pregnant women to reduce the sickness or nausea that comes often.

Just like acupuncture, acupressure is a great method to reduce nausea by Applying pressure to pressure point Neiguan (P-6), but not with needles, just your other thumb and pointer finger of your hand.

The right spot you should press is on the tendons, which consists of two hard bands of tissue that run just below your wrist in the line of your index finger for 2 to 3 minutes. This spot is called a P-6 pressure point.

5. Antacid and Antihistamines

Take antacid, a Pepto-Bismol syrup to heal you from nausea. This is one way of how to stop nausea fast using some medication drug.

Antihistamine medications such as dimenhydrinate and meclizine hydrochloride also use to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness.

6. Fresh Air

If you are on a long journey using a car or bus, make sure to sit near the open window to get more fresh air. Most people said it because this is a good and simple way on how to stop nausea fast without taking any medication.

Plus, try to control your breathing, inhale slowly but deep and exhale through your mouth. Do it several times. It is better if you do it while smelling an aromatherapy scent.

To sum up, these are some tips on how to stop nausea fast. There are so many things you can get to help yourself free from nausea.
Don't forget to share this information to help people who might suffer from nausea.


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