Clean and Press: How to Perform with Step-by-Step Instruction and Benefits!

Apr 22, 2021 03:30 PM

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SHARE - The clean and press is an underrated exercise. Many people prefer other exercises because they think clean and press technique is too complicated. Mostly, they just don't understand how to properly execute the technique or simply think it's a particular technique for Olympic weightlifting.

But, clean and press is actually a beneficial workout to include in your routines. Why is it so? Check this post to find out the benefits and how to do it properly!

Clean and Press Muscles

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Before we get down to clean and press workout, let's learn which of the muscles worked during the exercises to target your goals. With no further ado, here is the list of clean and press muscles worked::

  • Traps
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Forearms
  • Abs
  • Latissimus Dorsi
  • Rhomboids
  • Lower back

Clean and Press Benefits

Clean and Press - Photo by Samer daboul from Pexels

The benefits you will get from clean and press exercises are mostly the same as the barbell variation. The difference is, you don't need to try the steep learning so there won't be any risk of injury.

Here are more clean and press benefits you should know:

1 Strength

Cleaning and pressing workout enhances functional strength. Of all the clean and press benefits, it is the most important benefit you will get from the workout.

After a long train, this exercise will get you to lift heavy forces and involves many different muscles, so it has a major benefit in increasing the strength of the whole body.

2.Train your triceps

The triceps are muscles that play a role in clean and pressing muscles. This is a very important benefit as the triceps are a muscle group that is difficult to work with.

Overhead exercise is essential for the normal exercise of the entire triceps muscle group, and triceps exercise is also necessary for building a strong upper body.

3. Stimulating Full-Body Muscle Growth

Clean and press is an exercise that requires a lot of weight lighting workouts. In this way, this exercise involves a lot of muscle fiber damage. Therefore, this exercise can effectively stimulate the growth of muscles throughout the body, so the benefits of cleansing and compacting the body have great potential.

4. Promote Metabolism and Burn Fat

The benefits of clean and press exercise also help to reduce fat. If your goal is to burn fat and build muscle, then anaerobic exercise that requires a lot of energy should be the main content of your daily exercise.

By activating many different muscle groups and consuming a lot of energy, cleansing and squeezing can increase your metabolic rate. The higher the metabolism, the more calories burned!

There are actually more of clean and press exercises you can try to work out your muscle. Go to the next sections to find them out!

Dumbbell Clean and Press

Photo by Tyler Read on Flickr

The clean and press is no longer included in the weightlifting competition because judges considered it is too difficult to judge the valid technique. But it's still a valuable workout and it can be an efficient choice to build muscle and strength.

Dumbbell clean and press is one of the clean and press variations. It might be a better choice if you want to start with the easier one.

Clean and Press Workout

Here are the basic exercises on how to clean and press with dumbbell clean and press:

1. Starting point

  • Grip a dumbbell with an overhand grip onto each hand.
  • Hold the weights in place until the palms meet the front of the body.
  • Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend your knees, move your shoulders down into a partial squat.
  • Keep your weight on your heels.

2. Clean

  • Stretch your knees and move your hips forward to push yourself up.
  • Twist the dumbbells outwards while you force yourself upright while raising them up to your shoulders. They will be on top of the feet, at the end of the 'clean' cycle.
  • Hold the dumbbells tight to the body, as you would clean and raise the barbell.

3. Press

  • Stretch your knees and move your hips forward to push yourself up.
  • Twist the dumbbells outwards while you force yourself upright while raising them up to your shoulders. They will be on top of the feet, at the end of the 'clean' cycle.
  • Hold the dumbbells tight to the body, as you would clean and raise the barbell.

Kettlebell Clean and Press

Photo by gavinwalsh on Flickr

1. The Kettlebell Clean

The clean kettlebell technique gets the bell off the floor from its beginning position and raises it in one smooth motion to the "rack" position at the chest. This is the precursor of many other kettlebell workouts and is suitable for weight loss and fat burning. It stimulates nearly every single core-body muscle group.

First, start with the shoulder-width apart of your feet, with the weight on the floor below you. Slightly bend your knees and brace on the hips to reach forward and catch the handle with one hand. Grips, the bell curled around the top of the handle with the fingers. If you wish, you can stretch the other arm as a counterbalance.

Then, swing the kettlebell back between your legs and then use the momentum generated by the action to swing it forward and upwards by moving your hips forward and straightening your back to produce momentum and strength. Hold your weight tight to your body, and bring it straight up.

When it's above the waistline, move the arm around the kettlebell and get your palm under it. The completed position would see the elbow near contact to the body, the wrist straight, and the bell resting slightly below shoulder height over the back of your arm. Squeeze the glutes firmly on top of the movement and stand tall. This position is known as the "rack."

2. The Kettlebell Press

The kettlebell press's method starts where the clean leaves off, with the bell in rack position just below the head. We raise the bell overhead to a straight arm position from there.

The kettlebell press method started where the technique of clean kettlebell began. We continue with the bell against the chest in the bolted position, and then raise it straight up to an overhead position with the arm straight up.

A successful kettlebell press demands precise body alignment from head to toe to establish a robust and stable foundation for upward thrust. During the routine, the kettlebell clean and press lights up almost all of the main muscle classes, which can lose a significant amount of fat during the workout.

3. Kettlebell Single Arm Clean and Press

Preparation, first, hold the kettlebell with your left hand and place it in the center of your body.  Be sure to keep your abdomen supported and stare ahead. Now, get started by bending your knees, and then push yourself upwards while pulling the kettlebell upwards.

At the top, rotate the wrist so that the kettlebell flips to the other side of the hand. Lower your hips slightly, bend your knees again, and then lift yourself to generate momentum. Push the kettlebell straight up. Carefully lower the weight and repeat.

Barbell Clean and Press

Photo by Frankie Lee Matthews on Flickr

Start out with shoulder-width feet apart and keep the barbell out of your shins about 2 inches apart. Move back your shoulders and hold the barbell so that your palms face the body, and the hands are shoulder-width apart.  Keep your hips down, your chest high, your eyes forward, and your arms extended.

Keep your core really close and push through your heels to quickly bring the bar up to your chest, just below your collarbone. Keep your spine tall.

When pulling the bar, be quick and fast with your movement, holding it as close to your body as possible. Shrug your shoulders forward and point your elbows forward, to raise the bar underneath your shoulders.

When the bar hits your chest, push into your heels again and press the directly overhead, straightening your arms and legs. Hold really close on your core, back to starting position with control.


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