Split Squat Jumps: Easy and Simple Techniques to Practice at Home

Split Squat Jumps: Easy and Simple Techniques to Practice at Home
Split Squat Jumps - Photo by menofthewest.net

Tripboba.com - Split squat jumps is a plyometric sport. Simply put, plyometric training is a type of exercise that requires you to jump or move actively. This sport can be done as a single exercise or combined with other movements.

In addition, split squat jumps can also be done with or without assistive devices, such as jumping on a box or box, jumping rope, squatting while holding a ball, and so on. Because the movement is dominated by repetitive jumping, your body will rely heavily on leg strength.

Well, this is what makes split squat jumps useful to increase the stretch reflexes on your feet. Every time you land after jumping, your thigh muscles will stretch and then contract again for the next jump. As a result, the second jump and so on will be much higher and stronger.

Various Benefits of Split Squat Jumps

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This exercise offers many health benefits for the body. Typically, athletes use split squat jumps for agility and strength training, especially in the legs and joints. Another benefit of split squat jumps is that it helps improve bad posture.

If you are an office worker who spends more time sitting in front of a computer screen, this one is one exercise you must try! The more you do this exercise, the more your body will get used to moving swiftly.

That way, you can become more adept and adaptable when doing other types of sports, whether it's cardio, strength training, or even daily activities.

How to Do a Split Squat Jumps at Home

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The split squat jump is an easy exercise you can do anywhere and anytime. You can even do it at home. Here are some ways to do a squat jump properly:

1. Warming up

Warm up is usually done before exercise and serves to prepare the body when it will perform physical activity. As the name implies, warming up aims to increase body temperature before exercising so that the body will begin to adapt to the increased intensity of physical movements that will be carried out.

There are many reasons to warm up before exercise. Basically, heating is done for two main purposes. First is to prevent injury, while the second goal is to improve performance when exercising.

2. Find a safe place

Before doing this exercise, make sure your exercise equipment is right. This can be started by wearing comfortable sports shoes. Comfortable sports shoes can help reduce the risk of injury during sports.

In addition, do this split squat jump exercise in a safe place. For beginners, it is recommended not to do this exercise on carpet, grass, concrete floors, or asphalt. The shoes you use can slip and cause injury to the ankle or knee.

Look for a safe surface, so that when you make a landing, you will feel more comfortable. You can practice on wooden floors, pieces of plywood, or special mattresses made for exercise.

3. Do it the right way

Squat jump is one of the exercises that is safe for all ages and genders. But, this applies if you do it with the right and safe technique. If you are confused about how to do a proper and safe squat jump, here are the guidelines:

  • Stand with feet wide apart
  • Both hands are placed behind the head with elbows facing outside
  • Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor
  • Lift your body and jump as high as you can by pushing your toes to the floor
  • Land slowly in a squatting position
  • Do it repeatedly in accordance with your abilities

In order to make the benefits of split squat jump can be felt optimally, make sure you are able to do squat movements correctly. If the squat technique is correct, then you can combine it with the jump, aka jump.

When jumping, watch your feet when landing. Avoid stomping hard when touching the ground. Try your toes that touch the ground carefully first, then immediately followed by the heel.

Another important thing you should know is not to force yourself to do this exercise when your body is indeed incapable. Most cases of injury during sports are caused by someone not doing the right technique and overexerting himself.

Dumbbell Split Squat Techniques to Do at Home

Split squat jumps - Photo by experiencelife.com

Why it must be done? This technique will help you to streamline and increase lower body muscles and train abdominal muscles! You can follow the steps below:

1. Take two dumbbells, one for each hand, position both hands beside the body, palms facing inward.

2. Put your left foot in front of your right leg and slowly lunge forward as far as you can.

3. Return to the starting position quickly. Perform the same movements for each side.

4. Perform these split squat movements for your exercise routine and burn stubborn calories and share this information with your gym friend.

These simple steps and technique of split squat jumps can be done anywhere and anytime. You can even do it at home. When all these movements are done correctly, your slim and toned body will be yours. Good luck!


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