Fire Hydrant Workout: An Effective Exercise to Improve Your Performance!

Fire Hydrant Workout: An Effective Exercise to Improve Your Performance!
Fire Hydrant - Photo by Jay White from Flickr
SHARE - The fire hydrant might sound like a weird name for a workout. It's usually called quadruped or all four exercises. This workout is targeting your lower body and several key areas of your body such as glutes, hips, and core.

If you do fire hydrant workout regularly, it will give a good effect such as fixing back pain, lowering the risk for injury, and sculpting your glutes.

This kind of lower body workout engages your side of glutes by the movement of your leg when you are on quadruped position. Fire hydrant workout is also excellent to tighten your stomach and extend your hip movement

In this article, we will discuss the variation and benefits of fire hydrant workout as well as how to do it. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to do it correctly!

1. How to Do Fire Hydrant Workout

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To get the optimum results for your body, it's important to use the right steps and technique of fire hydrant workout. Here are the steps you can follow:

STEP 1. Prepare a mat to prevent your body from inconvenient things. Since fire hydrant workout is a bodyweight exercise, you do not need special equipment

STEP 2. Start with your hands and knees in a quadruped position. Make sure your wrist stacked under your shoulder and hips over your knees

STEP 3. Tighten your core and look down

STEP 4. Keep your knee at 90 degrees and lift your leg away from your body at about 45-degree angle

STEP 5. Then lower your leg to the starting position. It means that you complete 1 rep

STEP 6. You might do 3 sets of 10 reps then repeat with the other leg

Tips: In doing fire hydrant workout, your hip is the only part that moves. This way, you will get optimum benefits as well as keeping your core and pelvis stable.

2. Fire Hydrant Benefits

Photo by Naser Chawroka from Flickr

There are a lot of benefits you can get from doing fire hydrant workout. The quadruped position will activate your core stabilizer and strengthen your base.

Furthermore, it's excellent to strengthen your glute. Your glute will look more toned and sculpted. By having a strong glute, it can improve your posture, keep you in shape, reduce your back or knee pain, as well as lowering the risk of injury.

Additionally, fire hydrant helps to stretch your hip joints and inner tights. It can also activate your abdominal muscles and improve the balance of your body.

More importantly, doing stretching after fire hydrant workout will enhance muscle flexibility and make them stronger. Though the exercise looks simple and easy to do, if you perform it correctly based on the rules, you will feel your glutes and hamstrings burning.

3. Fire Hydrant Variations

Fire Hydrant With Pulses

Doing fire hydrant can be modified such as add pulses. You can lift your leg then pulse 3 to 5 times. Then lower your leg again to complete 1 rep.

Fire Hydrant With Hand Lift

Another way to add in your fire hydrant exercise is lifting your hand. This move is good to strengthen your back and get a great posture.

How to do:

STEP 1. Put yourself in a quadruped position like you do the fire hydrant 

STEP 2. Lift your leg from your body at 45-degree angle

STEP 3. start to lift one of your hands about 1 inch above the floor

STEP 4. Repeat this move 10 times with your hand continues to hover

Standing Fire Hydrant

This kind of variation has the same function as normal fire hydrants which are to strengthen glutes, hips, and core. But, in standing fire hydrants, you do not put pressure on the wrists.

How to do:

STEP 1. Stand up with your legs hip-width apart and bend one of your legs into 90 degrees

STEP 2. Lean your body forward and squeeze your core

STEP 3. Then, lift one of your legs to 45 degrees but without making any movement from the rest of your body

STEP 4. Complete one rep by lowering your leg to the starting position

Besides fire hydrants, you can also try another alternative exercise that works the same muscles. One of them is Clamshell. To do this exercise you have to lie on your left side and place the forearm on the floor.

Then place your right hand on your right hip. After that Bend your knees and stack one of your legs on top of each other. Then line your hips and shoulders. Finally, squeeze your glutes and lift the top knee. You can return to the starting position and repeat it.


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