Hair Bleach: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Bleach Hair at Home!

Hair Bleach: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Bleach Hair at Home!
Hair Bleach - Photo by Prettysleepy from Pixabay
SHARE - Every woman often dreams of having beautiful hair. It is common for them to makeover themselves by making a change to their hairs.

You probably also want to do hair bleach, but do not know how to start? Here, Tripboba will give you an easy step by step guide to bleaching your hair safely.

What to Consider Before Doing Hair Bleach?

Hair Bleach - Photo by Kannan R from Flickr

A hair bleach process can give a negative effect on hair such as hair damage. It is because bleach runs by breaking through the hair shaft and oxidizing the melanin granules which give the color of your hair. Therefore your hair should be in a healthy condition before you decide to bleach it.

Here are several things you should consider to prepare your hair

1. Use Conditioners

To keep your hair in a good condition, you need to start conditioning your hair two weeks before bleaching it. Do deep conditioning masks rather than using store-bought conditioners. 

If you do not have any conditioners, you can make them by yourself. Prepare certain ingredients like egg, coconut or olive oil, bananas, and avocado to make homemade hair masks. Also do not forget to oil your hair first before taking shampoo. This will prevent the dryness of your hair.

2. Work with Virgin Hair

Since bleach will work best on unprocessed and virgin hair, it is important to keep your hair from any chemical damages. If you already processed or colored your hair, you should wait for three months prior to bleach it. This will prevent your hair from more serious damage.

One of the ways to prevent hair damage is to bleach the roots of hair instead of your whole head. The roots are considered virgin which does not expose to a chemical substance. If you never colored your hair before, you may have a better chance of not damaging your hair.

What are Supplies to Bleach Your Hair?

Hair Bleach - Photo by huyenxu94 from Pixabay

Prior to bleaching your hair, you need to prepare some safety supplies including:

  • First, you should grab a hairbrush, shower cap, a couple of hair clips, and latex or plastic gloves. You need to get a towel to wrap around your shoulders to protect your clothes from the bleach.
  • Second, You will need coconut oil to apply around your hairline. It aims to protect your skin from any excess bleach
  • Third, Prepare a wide-tooth comb and rattail comb to separate the hair section
  • Fourth, Get bleach powder from great brands like Blondor, Matrix, Wella, or others you may buy from the salon. Also, prepare protein balancing shampoo and conditioner
  • Fifth, Prepare developer/Peroxide, a liquid that activates your bleach. It helps lighten your hair. You can choose different volumes that ideal for your hair, but never take higher than 20 volumes to prevent breakage.

How to Bleach Hair at Home?

Hair bleach at home may also look as great as at salon if you do it correctly. Make sure to set up good lighting in a well-ventilated room, a mirror, and a table to place all your supplies. Also, do not wash your hair at least 2-3 days before bleaching. 

Now you are ready and go bleach your hair by following steps below:

Step 1. Put your gloves on your hands, wear some old clothes, and cover your shoulder with a towel

Step 2. Section your hair. You can first work with the back of your hair or make four sections, two on the top and two on the back. 

Step 3. Mix bleach powder and peroxide well until there are no lumps. Make a 2:1 ratio for the developer and bleach. 

Step 4. Before bleaching, dab coconut oil around your hairline

Step 5. Start hair bleach at the roots of your first section hair. Continue to work down to mid-shaft and three inches of the end hair. Repeat this process to all of the sections

Step 6. Cover your hair with a shower cap after you finish. The bleaching process may take 20- 45 minutes depends on the product. Make sure to read the packaging instructions. Moreover, keep checking on your hair periodically to see suit the level of color you want

Step 7. Rinse and apply balancing shampoo immediately. Then follow with a conditioner and let your hair dry. You may also apply toner if you do not want warm tones

Hair Bleach Tips

Hair Bleach - Photo by scarlet connor from Flickr

After doing hair bleach, it's important to take aftercare procedures such as minimize the use of conditioner. Once you bleached your hair, it can be more prone to damage because of the number of chemicals in the conditioner.

It is also suggested to use natural or organic products. Moreover, avoid using styling tools for at least two weeks. Then oil your hair routinely to strengthen your hair.


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