How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your Urine?

Sep 25, 2020 04:00 PM

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SHARE - If you’ve been long using cocaine and are concerned about how long does cocaine stay in your urine and the idea of taking a drug test scares the life out of you, then it’s very likely that you’re struggling with cocaine addiction.

Cocaine has been known as one of the most addictive drugs in the world. The substance has short-term and long-term effects on your mind and body. If you’ve been exposed to the drug, it’s best to seek treatments as soon as possible.

We’ve got you covered with complete information regarding the cocaine addiction and useful tips to flush the substance from your system that will answer your questions on how long does cocaine stay in your urine and system.

With adequate knowledge, we hope that you can better manage your health and stay away from the danger of this addictive substance.

How long does cocaine stay in your urine?

1. Cocaine Side Effects

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Before getting down to know about how long does cocaine stay in your urine, it’s important to learn about the side effects of consuming cocaine.

It all depends on the method you used to consume it (snorting, smoking, injecting or ingesting), how long you have been using cocaine, how often you take it, and whether you took it with alcohol or another drug.

The following are some possible side effects of using cocaine:

  • euphoria
  • increased energy
  • alertness and confidence
  • faster heart rate
  • agitation
  • anxiety
  • increased body temperature and sweating
  • the symptoms of a cold or the flu
  • dilated pupils

2. How long does cocaine stay in your urine system?

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While the effects of cocaine above tend to wear off in about 20 to 60 minutes, the drug can be traced in your saliva, urine, and blood for 12 hours to 3 days or longer.

That being said, it’s hard for you to truly get rid of the substance from your body. Cocaine can even be detected in sweat for several weeks and in hair for several months or even years.

If you use it frequently or have been using it for quite some time, note that the drug can be traced in your system for up to three months. Urine testing is the most common method used to detect cocaine in a person’s system as it has a fairly wide detection window (three days to two weeks after use) and is relatively easy to administer.

3. The “Half-life” of cocaine

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If you’ve been long wondering how long does cocaine stay in your urine and finding out the answer, you might want to learn more about something called the “half-life” of cocaine. It’s basically a measure of the time it takes for the drug’s concentrated presence in the blood or urine to be reduced by half.

Cocaine's half-life in blood (plasma) is estimated to be 1.5 hours, while its half-life in urine is 19 hours. They’re still traceable in most drug tests, so keep in mind that as it is broken down, the drug has various other residential properties that are metabolized by your body as metabolites.

About 40% of the drug will certainly be processed as metabolites. These cocaine metabolites have an even longer half-life than the substance itself, expanding the moment that drug stays in your system by an additional 15 to 52 hours. 

Depending on how it’s consumed, here is a breakdown of how long it might consider drugs to be eliminated from your body.

  • Injecting: The half-life after each use is estimated to be 5 minutes, so cocaine would be gotten rid of from your body in approximately 30 minutes.
  • Snorting: The half-life after each use is estimated to be 30 minutes, so the drug would be removed from your body in about 3 hours.
  • Cigarette smoking (freebase): The half-life after each use is approximated to be 45 minutes, so the drug would be eliminated from your body in approximately 4 to six hours.
  • Ingesting: The half-life after each usage is estimated to be 60 minutes, so cocaine would be eliminated from your body in roughly 5 to six hours. Once again, individuals who have made use of cocaine long term will call for longer to get rid of cocaine from their bodies since the medicine has actually been stored in the liver as well as various other fat. It takes some time for fatty tissue to eliminate drugs. This is why long-lasting cocaine individuals are more likely than temporary customers to check favorable during medication screening.

4. Cocaine and alcohol

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Another thing to be concerned aside from how long does cocaine stay in your urine if you both consume cocaine and drink alcohol is the doubled damage they might cause to your body.

When cocaine and alcohol are integrated, your liver develops a chemical metabolite called cocaethylene, which remains in your body longer than cocaine or alcohol alone.

When cocaine and alcohol are metabolized at the same time, alcohol hinders the progression of drug elimination from your body. Cocaethylene also has more hazardous results on your body than either drug or alcohol alone— cocaethylene's poisoning degree is approximated to be 30% higher than drug by itself.


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