Mewing Technique: A Simple Way to Chisel Your Jawline

Mewing Technique: A Simple Way to Chisel Your Jawline
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SHARE - Mewing is believed by some dentists to improve facial appearance. Who doesn't want to look more beautiful or handsome? The good looking standard itself, actually, depends on the point of view. But one of the general criteria is to have chiseled jawline or jaws that look chiseled.

A simple technique is becoming viral because it is rumored to be able to make the jaws leaner and thinner without the need for plastic surgery. Curious about the technique?

Yup, the technique is called mewing. If you do a search on YouTube with the keyword "mewing technique", it will come out with more than 7,000 results. Mewing is also a talk on Instagram and many have commented that they did mewing for years and they all have a good face shape as the result.

This technique is actually not new in the orthodontist world. Appropriate tongue placement techniques have been used for various health purposes such as to improve pronunciation while speaking and to relieve pain associated with the jaw.

Mewing can be done at any time, even when you are drinking. Curious how to do mewing procedure? This article is for you who want to find out more about mewing!

1. What is Mewing and How Does It Work?

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Mewing is a technique to attach the entire surface of the tongue to the roof of the mouth. Do this over and over until it becomes a habit.

Gradually, this movement will help regulate the composition of teeth and form a better jaw structure.

Make sure the tongue is relaxed and attached to the whole including the back of the tongue.

2. Does Mewing Work in Shaping Your Jawline?

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Mewing takes years and is actually made not for health purposes. Mewing has its own limitations and will not instantly change the shape of the jaw.

There is no guarantee that you will get the dream jaws of many people and how effectively this technique changes the structure of the face. But it doesn't hurt to try.

3. Mewing Technique - Photo by @SolBrah

Practicing mewing is very easy, you can follow the instructions below:

1. Our posture must be upright before doing this, don't bend especially our neck must stand up straight.

2. Keep your mouth tight but don't seem to be forced, just relax like we naturally close it. Our upper and lower teeth also don't really rub together. The point is close as usual.

3. Raise the back of the tongue until it touches the roof of the mouth, then

4. Raise the entire tongue to the palate so that it covers all surfaces.

5. Hold this position for as long as possible, the beginning will indeed feel difficult but will get used to itself if done routinely.

6. For those who have difficulty raising the back of the tongue can call the word 'sing' or the letter 'n'. Naturally, the back tongue will rise, hold and raise all other tongue surfaces.

In fact, there is still much to do if you want to perfect mewing. But those who practice mewing feel the difference before and after. For the mewing ritual, you must keep the tongue on the roof of the mouth in the upper jaw when your mouth is at rest.

A consistent tongue placement in this position can change the shape of the face. Those who do this ritual also often chew gum to strengthen the jaw muscles.

According to people who do it, this technique can already be seen in a month's time. But according to dr. Mew, mewing technique is not a beauty trend that can change faces like plastic surgery.

He stressed that this technique is a therapy that can make the tongue posture back to its place. With the correct position of the internal organs, the outer shape of the face or jaw will also be better.

In addition to people who feel their jaws disproportionate, mewing is recommended to be tried by people who often breathe by mouth or people who have sleep disorders.

Well, mewing can be done by everyone to shape and to form their jawlines. The advantage of doing this technique is to make your jawline looks interesting.

This simple trick and technique can be applied in everyday life. You can start applying it on your face and in a month you can see the result. Good luck!


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