Vajrasana Pose: The Benefits and How to Do It Properly

Vajrasana Pose: The Benefits and How to Do It Properly
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SHARE - Vajrasana posture is a simple sitting yoga posture. Its name originates from the Sanskrit word vajra, which means thunderbolt or diamond, and Asana which means pose.

To do Vajrasana pose, you kneel and afterward sit back on your legs to take the weight off your knees. Breathing, as well as reflective workouts, are frequently carried out in this position, which is stated to help your body to become as solid as a diamond.

Continue to read this article to discover how to do the Vajrasana position as well as the abundant benefits this yoga has.

How to Do the Vajrasana Pose

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You can get into the Vajrasana pose in 6 steps:

STEP 1. Begin by kneeling down on the floor. You can consider using a yoga mat to make it more comfortable.

STEP 2. Pull your knees and also ankles with each other and also set your feet in line with your legs. Make sure the bottoms of your feet face upward and your big toes touching.

STEP 3. Breathe out as you sit back on your legs. Your buttocks will lean on your heels and your thighs will lean on your calves.

STEP 4. Position your hands on your thighs and adjust your pelvis backward and forward slightly until you find a comfortable position.

STEP 5. Breathe in and out slowly as you proceed to sit up by straightening your spine. Use your head to pull your body upward and press your tailbone toward the floor.

STEP 6. Straighten your head to face forward with your chin parallel to the floor. Position your hand's palms down on your thighs with your arms relaxed.

Vajrasana Benefits

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There have been a variety of studies that indicate Vajrasana has favorable wellness benefits, including:

  1. Vajrasana or kneeling pose improves digestion. If you do it routinely, this pose can help eliminate constipation.
  2. Once you have a better digestion system, you won't get ulcers and acidity.
  3. This asana strengthens the back and relieves patients suffering from lower back problems and sciatica.
  4. Vajrasana pose strengthens the pelvic muscles.
  5. Vajrasana pose helps to ease out labor pains and also reduces menstrual cramps.
  6. Vajrasana pose helps keep the mind calm and stable
  7. Your knee pain will be relieved
  8. Your thigh muscles will get stronger
  9. Vajrasana pose helps to strengthen sexual organs
  10. Vajrasana pose helps in the treatment of urinary problems
  11. Vajrasana pose helps to increase blood circulation to the lower abdominal region
  12. Vajrasana pose helps to reduce obesity

Supta Vajrasana

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Begin by being in Hero Pose (Virasana). In this pose, your top body is upright, and your legs are curved back at the knees, so the feet get on either side of your upper thighs.

STEP 1. Bring your hands down to the flooring on either side of your hips. Begin to stroll your return towards your butt as you lean your torso back.

STEP 2. Bend your joints to find down onto your forearms. If you are remaining on a high support, as a block, this is as for you ought to go. Make certain you have coverings of the exact same height in place to support your back as you come down if you are sitting on a folded covering.

STEP 3. If you feel comfortable on the forearms, you can try remaining to launch your back toward (and also eventually getting to) the flooring.

STEP 4. Come out considering that these are not the areas that this present is meant to stretch if you feel discomfort in your knees or reduced back.

STEP 5. Ensure that your knees remain close together. Don't let them different.

STEP 6. Remain in a reclined setting for 5 to 10 breaths.

STEP 7. To find out, elevate on your own onto your forearms initially. After that, press into the hands to bring on your own all the way up to rest.

Laghu Vajrasana

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Little Thunderbolt (Laghu Vajrasana) is included in the Ashtanga yoga exercise's 2nd collection. The Ashtanga variation is made with your hands on your ankles. The variant shown right here deepens the strength of the backbend by bringing the crown of your head to your feet and also the hands to your thighs.

Detailed Instructions:

STEP 1. Begin in a kneeling position with your thighs vertical to the floor.

STEP 2. Raise your breast to extend your spinal column as you move back to Camel Pose.

STEP 3. Bring your hands to understand your ankle joints.

STEP 4. Drop your head back.

STEP 5. With control that originates from grounding with the legs, drop your head back as well as gradually lower the crown to the ground, coming into a backbend.

STEP 6. Keep your arms directly as well as hang on to your ankles.

STEP 7. To come out, involve the core and pull on your own back up to kneeling position.


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