How to Clean Cricut Mat: Try These 4 Easy Ways at Home

Cricut Mat - Photo by LemoneeCardCo on Flickr

Jul 08, 2020 07:00 AM

Normally, Cricut mats can be used a few hundred times before they become less sticky. Non-sticky surfaces can spoil a potentially great art, but don't just throw them away! It's extremely important to have a super sticky mat to insure your art cutting machine cuts perfectly and reliably.

But, do you know how to clean Cricut mat? If you don’t know how to clean Cricut mat, then you don't have to worry! In this guide, Tripboba will show you several ways of cleaning a Cricut mat and restore it to optimal condition.

Moreover, we are not only going to give you the guide on how to clean Cricut mat, but we will also give you some effective methods of resticking your mat and making it good as new. Check them out now!

How to Clean a Cricut Mat

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When it loses some of its stickiness, you may need to give your mat a light cleaning. It's a smart thing to wash it frequently and keep the mat sticky. Here are the steps on how to clean Cricut mat.

1. First, scrape it off with either a plastic scraper, Cricut brand, or any other type of hard plastic scraper. After that, wipe an alcohol-free baby over the surface or you can roll a lint roller. 

2. Rub soap and water on the surface. Rub the surface gently if you use your mat frequently because it may lack stickiness. Add a small amount of dish soap and warm water over the surface and lightly scrub it with a soft brush. Then, rinse it with warm water.

3. Spray a degreaser onto the mat. If your mat is very dirty and you don't have any stickiness left, a stronger cleaner is required. Degreasers can cut and scrape whatever is on the surface. They will leave a stain though. And after using a degreaser, you need to wash the mat with soap and water. 

4. Next, left the mat to dry. Put the mat on a drying rack once it is cleaned or hang it up so that the sides can dry completely. Whatever type of cleaning you do, you need to remember that it is important that you let the mat dry before you use it again in the machine.

How to Clean Cricut Mat with Baby Wipes

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Do you know that baby wipes for your Cricut mat are the perfect cleaning companions? It is because they are damp and soft enough to leave your mat undamaged.

But, not all baby wipes can clean Cricut mats perfectly. You need to choose one that is bleach-free and without alcohol or you will lose the stickiness of the mat.

Apply the wipe slowly through the surface and ensure that it covers everything in a straight line. You might be tempted to use the nail polish remover. But it's better to play safe than sorry.

Baby tissue, fiber rollers, good old-fashioned soap, and water actually work well in making your Cricut mat look restored and ready to be used again.

But you can also use lint rollers as it has two functions. First, it can take away stubborn stains that can't be taken away with plastic scrapers and baby wipes.

Second, rollers are flexible and can bring some of Cricut mat stickiness onto the surface of the mat. Somehow, a combination of baby wipes and lint rollers is enough to remove mild build-up.

How to Clean Cricut Mat with Dish Soap

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Another way to do Cricut mat cleaning is to wash it with soap and warm water. Dish soap is the easiest to use so you'd prefer to use soap that's free of lotions that could gunk up your mat again.

All you need to do is gently scrub and rinse well with a cloth, soft brush, soft sponge, or magic eraser. Don't forget to let it dry before you use it again.

How to Clean Cricut Mat and Make It Sticky Again

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If your Cricut mat lost its stickiness, you don't need to worry. There are many options to get it sticky and functional again.

To do this, you will require an adhesive spray, a sticky spray, or repositionable adhesive. All of these are offered in specialty art stores and online shops and are relatively affordable.

Bear in mind that every product may have specific instructions for use, so make sure to read them in advance.