How to Discipline a Cat: Follow This Tricks to Discipline Your Pet!

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Jul 08, 2020 04:00 PM

Are you a cat person? Then you must really love your cat! But your cats may sometimes want to do things for an adventurous streak so it can get over-excited. Because of this, it is really important for you to know how to discipline a cat.

If you don’t know where to start, you don’t need to worry because Tripboba is here to give you the tricks on how to discipline a cat. Take a look at the several methods you can do on how to discipline a cat below!

How to Discipline a Cat for Biting

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There are many forms of aggression of biting and scratching behavior in cats and some of them can be identified from the behavior they have acquired from their interactions with their owners.  Here are several things you can do on how to discipline a cat for biting:

1. Trim your cat's claws regularly. Paw trimming should be performed frequently to keep the paws of cats grow. Trimming those claws regularly can make the attack less painful. 

2. Tell, "No!" or some such word term you want to use when addressing your cat. You can use this one word as the "corrective" word and you need to practice it regularly. Remember to not yelling out and just say it loud and clear. 

3. Hold the cat by the neck scruff and pick up the cat and push it to another part of the house or room. It will stop the action and separates it from the condition which causes you pain. Once they have been taught, seek to change their actions to something appropriate. 

4. Playful biting often happens simply because your cat is bored and looking for an object to play with. Try to change its focus by giving it 15 minutes of fun activity.

5. This is your duty to be conscious of changes in the actions or physical condition of your pet. Try to inspect your pet regularly so that it gets used to explore any part of its body, from head to toe. That’s all the tricks you can do on how to discipline a cat.

How to Discipline a Cat for Bad Behavior

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1. Cats can't take punishment but you can teach them to recognize when they're doing something right by praising them and sharing healthy treats.

Please ensure that your cat is praised during the act of good action. So, it can see the link between her actions and the subsequent reinforcement.

2. Not always has to be active in disciplining your cat. One of the most effective approaches to stop the negative behaviors (such as biting) of your cat is by removing your attention to it.

Redirecting its attention to anything else is a good way to strengthen good behaviors and stop bad behaviors.

3. You ought to take your cat 's health into account. If your cat begins to urinate or defecate abruptly in other areas of your home, schedule an appointment with the vet. This behavioral adjustment can be indicative of a health problem.

4. If you want to make your cat jump on your tables, you can make changes to the environment to get it to stop. For example, you need to avoid putting something on the edge of the table because it will crash to the ground.

How to Discipline a Bengal Cat

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1. Trying to create the Yes / No environment. The idea of a Yes / No environment is to have places where cats instinctively know that the place is safe to (Yes) and places that are not as comfortable or attractive (No).

By simply giving them something that cats like, you can provide the Yes places quite easily and put something they dislike to deter them. It can be texture or smell near that surface or area.

2. Use the tools which could create the environment. Double-sided cat sticky zones, cat automated deterrents, and bitter sprays are the devices that can build this form of environment. These methods will not affect your relationship with your cats and are incredibly effective to teach them.

3. Create an atmosphere that is relaxing and exciting. An exercise wheel is one of the best items which we would recommend for an active Bengal cat. For your Bengal, it is such a great passive way to channel their energy.