How to Evolve Feebas in Pokémon Go: An Easy Guide to Level Up Your Game!

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Jun 03, 2020 22:05 PM

Feebas or Fish Pokémon is a Pokémon that is classified as a Water-type Pokémon. Its name is the combination between feeble or weak and bass. It is a largemouth bass Pokémon and appears as an ugly creature. The origin of Feebas is inspired by the classic fairy tale called "The Ugly Duckling". 

Feebas can evolve into Milotic when it is leveled up. Feebas is introduced in Generation III of Pokémon. The abilities of Feebas is the swift swim or obvious and the gender ration of Feebass in Pokémon World is 50% of female and 50% of male. The catch rate of Feebas is quite high, it is on the number of 43.9%.

Feebas is an old-looking fish-like Pokémon. Its body is light brown and covered with dark colors and also some spots around it. It has pink lips and typically a Feebas has large deep eyes. Usually, a Feebas weighs around 7.4 kilograms and 0.6 meters in height. 

This Pokémon creature has a leveling rate of erratic. The Pokedex color of a Feebas is brown. And if you want to be friends with a Feebas, the base friendship of a Feebas in Pokémon is 70. This type of Pokémon is considered an omnivore because it can eat anything and live anywhere. The hatching time of a Feebas is around 5140 to 5396 steps.

You can find Feebas Pokémon in the oceans and weed-choked ponds. Another location to find Feebas is around Route 119 on the six fishing spots. Feebas can live in the place even with a little water is available. The population of Feebas tends to be found in clusters in a small area. 

Please note that Feebas is usually weak to Grass and Electric. This Pokémon is immune to None but can be damaged normally to fighting, normal, flying, physic, dragon, rock, ground, bug, ghost, dark, fairy, and poison. Therefore a Feebas is resistant to steel, fire, water, and also ice.

The evolution of Feebas Pokémon can result in a creature named Milotic. It requires modifications for a Feebas to evolve. Do you come to this article with a question of "how to evolve Feebass" on your mind? Great move! You have come to a good track. 

If you catch a Feebas and want it to evolve into beautiful Milotic, you can follow several steps on how to evolve Febass on Pokémon Go that is compiled by Tripboba down below. Stay tuned to the very end of this article to find out the steps on how to evolve Feebas in Pokémon Go.

1. How to Evolve Feebas in Pokémon Go

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Here are the steps on how to evolve Feebas in Pokémon Go that you can try. The steps on how to evolve Feebas into Milotic are as follows.

Step 1. Firstly, you need to tap on your avatar in the Pokémon Go.

Step 2. Then, tap on your "Buddy" button.

Step 3. You can continue to tap into the "Switch" button that is located on the bottom right of the screen.

Step 4. Select "Yes" which appears on the screen to confirm that you want to switch your buddies.

Step 5. Choose Feebas and take it to walk with you.

Step 6. Walk with your Feebas for about 20 kilometers.

Step 7. Now, you can collect the 100 Feebas candy on your way walking with it. You can skip this step if you have already collected the candy.

Step 8. The next step is tapping your Feebas buddy and let it begin the evolvement process.

Step 9. Select "Evolve" and wait for it to evolve into beautiful Milotic.

Yay, congratulations! You have just successfully evolved a Feebas into beautiful Milotic. It is simple and easy, right?

So, that is all about the easy guide on how to evolve Feebas in Pokémon Go that you need to know to have a fair play. Don't forget to perform the steps presented above when you are about to evolve Feebas in Pokémon Go. 

Is your question of "how to evolve Feebas" answered now? We hope this article on how to evolve Feebas can help you to evolve your Feebas buddy into Milotic and to level up your game. Have a great play, everyone!