How to Pet a Cat: Do's and Don'ts of Raising a Cat

Cute cat - Photo by Buenosia Carol on Pexels

Jun 30, 2020 10:00 AM

Cat is like everyone's favorite pet. Some of the reasons why most people love this furry animal are because of its cuteness and weird but funny behavior. Having a cat as a companion also helps you relieve your stress.

Research shows that petting or playing with cats for at least 10 minutes can reduce your stress level. In other words, cat is simply a stress reliever that will definitely boost your mood up!

If you've just made a big decision on raising a cat, you might want to know how to pet a cat properly. In this article, Tripboba will show you the right way on how to pet a cat.

1. How to Properly Pet a Cat 

Photo by Amiya Nanda on Pexels

For first-time cat owners, it becomes important to know how to pet a cat, Every cat has their own favorite parts to pet. And you might want to try to explore first which part of its body that the cat likes the most. By observing their reaction, you might find the best spot that your cat likes. And below are several common spots that cat loves.

1. The neck and face area of a cat are the most common spots that cats like. Try to scratch or rub their cheeks and neck area and they will love it.

2. Besides the neck and face area, other spots that cat really likes is the area behind their ears and under their chin.

3. Some cats' favorite spot is located around the tail, at the area where the tail meets their spine.

4. You might want to be careful if you want to pet their belly because cats sometimes hate it when people touch that area. But you won’t know it until you try it. So, try to touch their belly first to find out how they react towards it.

5. Some cats also don’t really like it when people stroke their body. So again, you have to try to stroke them first to find out whether the cat likes it or not by seeing their tail if the tail trashes it means they don’t like it. If they don’t like it, then you need to go back to scratching the area around its head and face.

6. If you still want to stroke your cat, or if your cat reacts well to the stroke, then you need to do it properly by stroking the cat from the head to the tail, not the other way around because that will be uncomfortable for the cat.

7. Most cats don’t like it when people touch their legs or their paws, so make sure to not try to touch those areas. 

8. You also can massage your cat by lightly moving your fingers in little circles around the area that the cat loves, such as head, neck, and chin. 

Now, you know how to pet a cat on the spots that they love most and you can have a great time playing with them.

2. How to Pet a Feral Cat

Photo by Crina Doltu on Pexels

Petting a domesticated cat might be easier than petting a feral cat, and you might need extra efforts on how to pet a cat if it’s feral. In this part, Tripboba will share how to pet a cat that is feral.

1. Before you get close to a feral kitten, make sure that you wear gloves because feral kitten might not familiar with people and they can get angry and bite or scratch you while being cornered.

2. Feed the cat and try to get the cat to feed in front of you.

3. While the cat is eating, try to give them gentle pets.

4. Don’t pick up the cat because it can scare them, just pet gently and let the cat get used to your touch and smell.

5. When the cat starts to get comfortable with you, you can start feeding the cat by hand. This will increase the cat’s feeling of dependence on you. 

6. Once the cat gets familiar with you, you can start to try to lift it slowly and gently. It doesn’t bite or scratch you, you might have the chance to start petting it in all the spots that cat loves.

Well, that wraps up all the things about how to pet a cat properly. Having a cat as a pet can be burdensome, but having them in your life is also a great thing! Cat is an adorable animal that will definitely make you happy, especially if you’re a cat person. Now, have a good time playing with your new furry friend!