How to Tie a Durag: Make Your Hair Intact!

Unsplash - Photo by Nico Marks

May 22, 2020 22:03 PM

Durag or a wave cap, is a cap usually worn to accelerate the development of hair weaves, braids, and dreadlocks. It is also used to keep the hair patterns while sleeping. Back in 2018, Durag started to be a trend in public. It’s promoted by many figures, mainly black artists and athletes.

As hip-hop culture rise in popularity, the fashion scene also follows and impacted the public. Rappers such as 50 Cent also made a photo of him wearing a durag as a photo cover of him in 2003’s Get Rich or Die Trying.

Sure, Durag itself has its own controversial side because of the political value it carries. It was banned by NFL owners in 2001 and the NBA followed suit in 2005. Black men wearing durag are stereotyped as thugs and criminals. Simply put, the United States really has a long way of its progress in black culture censorship.

But, we can’t deny that durag has real hair benefits, such as preventing your hair from touching your face or your pillows – which can lead to face breakouts. You can also maintain your hair moisture by wearing durag while sleeping as it prevents the pillow’s fabric from absorbing your hair’s moisture.

Due to its benefits, many people curious about how to tie a durag. In this article, Tripboba will give you a step by step guide of how to tie a durag. Scroll down to check them out!

1. How to tie a durag: basic style

Unsplash - Photo by Nico Marks

Durag is sold in many colors and materials. Most people prefer durag with stretchy material that can be seen through when stretched. If you have a piece of durag ready to be worn, here’s how to tie a durag in basic style step by step!

Step 1. Place the durag on your head. The center seam should be on the center of your head symmetrically and the front edge should sit between your eyebrows and your hairline. Cover your hairline as well.

Step 2. Bring the ties to the back of your head. Your left hand should be pulling the right tie and your right hand should be pulling the left tie so they make a cross shape behind your head. the ties will roll up so they will resemble ropes. Make sure that your ear stays exposed when tying the ties.

Step 3. Bring the ties to the front of your head once you’ve crossed the ties behind your head. Then, make the ties cross once again on the center of your forehead.

Step 4. Pull the ties again to the back of your head, and then tie a knot, make it sit at the base of your skill. You can tie it as if you’re tying a shoelace. Instead of making loops, you can make a double knot. Don’t tie it too tightly as it will feel uncomfortable and hard to be undone.

Step 5. Pull down the flap to make the durag sit tighter on your head. This will also give some compression to your hair. If you want, you can also fold up the flap and tuck it over the ties after you pulled it down.

2. How to tie a durag with a bandana

Pexels - Photo by Zoky Zoker

If you have a bandana in your home, you can use it too as a durag! It can be purchased as well in many stores that’s sell clothing, beauty supplies, and household goods. Most bandanas are 24” x 24”, which is large enough to be tied as durag.

Here’s how to tie a durag with a bandana!
Step 1. Fold one corner to the opposite side. Generally it should be folded in half but if you have a large head, you can fold only a small piece of the corner downside.

Step 2. Place the bandana on your head by grabbing the two far corners of the bandana and lay it on your head. The corners you’re grabbing are either side of the folded corner. The fold should sit above your eyebrows and going across your head.

Step 3. Pull the corners to the back of your head and then tie the bandana. You can do a snug single knot. Hold the knot with one hand so it doesn’t slip and then grab the corner in the middle that’s on top of your head. Next, pull it down toward a single knot.

That’s all about how to tie a durag! Hopefully you can practice this tutorial easily and you’ll be able to wear your durag comfortably!