How to Steam Broccoli: 4 Different Methods to Get Crisp-Tender Texture!

Sep 25, 2020 03:15 PM

How to Steam Broccoli - Photo by Marco Verch from Flickr
SHARE - Steamed broccoli is one of the ways to serve fresh veggies. It is so simple and quick cooking but tastes crisp and bright. Besides, it has no extra fat for cooking.

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Steamed broccoli is best to pair with all kinds of seasoning and sauce. As the steaming method is super simple, what you need is only a small amount of water.

When the water reaches the boiling point, it starts to vaporize and steam. Another benefit for steamed broccoli is you will not lose the flavor, nutrients, and colors even though the broccoli results in crisp-tender.

So, have you got some ideas to make dishes with steamed broccoli? Before you cook, let's learn how to steam broccoli to get perfect texture without losing the nutrients.

Here we give you several options on how to steam broccoli. 

How to steam broccoli in microwave

How to Steam Broccoli - Photo by whologwhy from Flickr

Microwave is one of the best ways to cook vegetables easily, including broccoli. Make sure you follow this explanation on how to steam broccoli perfectly.

Step 1. Clean the broccoli and cut it into bite-size. Do not forget to remove the woody bits.

Step 2. Place the broccoli in a microwave-safe bowl and add some water. You can use 2 to 3 tablespoons water for one pound of broccoli. Then, cover the bowl tightly. Avoid using plastic wrap, but you can use ceramic or stoneware.

Step 3. Last, microwave the broccoli in medium heat for at least 3 to 4 minutes. You can check whether the broccoli is tender or not by using a fork.

Step 4. Remove from the microwave once it is perfectly cooked.

Note: You can add small butter or soy sauce before steaming the broccoli.

How to steam broccoli without a steamer

How to Steam Broccoli - Photo by Rhonda from Flickr

If you do not have a microwave or misplaced your streamer years ago, you can still steam broccoli. We provide you stovetop method as an alternative on how to steam broccoli without a steamer. So, here are the steps you should follow.

Step 1. Start by washing the broccoli and trimming the florets from the stalk. After that cut the florets into bite-size pieces. 

Step 2. Prepare a skillet and add small water. Bring it to boil over the medium heat. 

Step 3. Once the water is boiled, add broccoli to the skillet and cover with a lid. Cook broccoli for approximately 5 minutes until you get a crisp-tender texture. The times for steaming broccoli can depend on the size of the florets.

Step 4. Once it is cooked, remove from skillet and drain in a colander.

Step 5. Season with salt and pepper before serving steamed broccoli as a side dish.

How to steam broccoli with colander method

How to Steam Broccoli - Photo by John Demo from Flickr

Another way on how to steam broccoli without a steamer is by using a colander. You will need a large pot with a colander inside it and a lid to cover.

Step 1. Wash and trim the florets from the stalk and cut into bite-size pieces. 

Step 2. Prepare a pot with a colander inside and add a small amount of water. Make sure the water does not reach the colander.

Step 3. Boil the water in medium heat. Then add broccoli to the colander. Cover the pot with the lid and wait for several minutes until broccoli is perfectly steamed.

Step 4. Remove from heat and transfer the broccoli to a bowl. Season with salt and pepper before serving.

How to steam broccoli in the rice cooker

How to Steam Broccoli - Photo by Christopher Cotrell from Flickr

For a simpler way to steam broccoli, you can use a rice cooker. It is also as quick as using a microwave. The steamed broccoli will come out only within 5 minutes. 

Step 1. First, rinse the broccoli under running water. Then, cut into florets and cut again into small bite-size.

Step 2. Prepare your rice cooker and add 1/3 cup of water into it.

Step 3. Place the broccoli into a steaming rack and insert it to the rice cooker. Allow to steam for approximately 5 minutes

Step 4. After done steaming, turn off the rice cooker. Transfer broccoli into plate and season with salt or pepper. 

You can choose which one of the steam methods based on your preferences. However, things you should remember is that to get perfectly crisp-tender broccoli, avoid overcooking. Use a fork to assess the texture while you steam broccoli.


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