4 Methods How to Get Sticker Residue Off: Learn the Easiest Methods using the Simplest Tools!

4 Methods How to Get Sticker Residue Off: Learn the Easiest Methods using the Simplest Tools!
How to Get Sticker Residue Off - Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Tripboba.com - Whether it's a new mirror you take home, a bottle of wine you use for a DIY project, clothes you just shopped, plastic, or even laptop, lifting a price tag or a label out of things you just bought always ends up being louder than you expect.

Stickers can often be a pain to peel off using just your fingers. Thankfully some tried and true methods can get you out of sticky situations like this quickly – and with no trace left. To help you with how to get sticker residue off, better stick with Tripboba because we’re going to discuss about how to get sticker residue off glass, clothes, plastic, laptop, and anything between!

How to Get Sticker Residue Off Glass

How to Get Sticker Residue Off - Photo by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

When it comes to peeling sticker off from glass materials, there’s no denying that you feel some type of way – it is definitely not easy. Even more annoying when it left unwanted residue. But you don’t have to worry, Tripboba will be sharing how to get sticker residue off glass with following simple methods. So, let’s dive in!

1. Give it a soak

In case like this, soap and hot water are two of the most effective tools on how to get sticker residue off. They are great for breaking down the adhesive sticky stickers.

  • Step 1. Try submerging a full glass in hot (keep in mind, not boiling) soapy water – hand soap or dish soap are good options for the job – for 10 to 20 minutes before removing the sticker with your finger.
  • Step 2. If you can't immerse the glass, cover it as best you can with a sponge that has been soaked in hot and soapy water for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Step 3. The sticker will come off as soon as the adhesive weakens. But in case it doesn't, continue your search with the next methods.

2. Try to bring the heat

Because of the melting point of the adhesive may vary from sticker to sticker, you may need to use more direct heat if hot water and soap don't work.

  • Step 1. To do this, take a hairdryer and turn it up to its highest setting.
  • Step 2. After that, hold it a few inches from the sticker and blow the object off with hot air for one or two minutes.
  • Don't worry about damaging the item – the glass won't start melting until it reaches about 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit! You should pay more attention to keeping the glass away from the heated area so that you don't burn your fingers.
  • Step 3. After a minute or two, use a credit card to push back the corners of each sticker without scratching the glass and quickly remove it with your fingers. 

Note: Giving the glass a chance to cool back down with the sticker still attached won't help this case.

3. How about calling for backup

If water or the hottest gusts of air don't get rid of the stubborn sticker and its residue, you can bring some lubricant to help dissolve the adhesive so the paper can easily move.

  • Step 1. Since WD-40 is a builder's favorite to make things easier, coat the sticker in it for a few seconds before scrubbing with gloves to protect your skin.
  • Step 2. In case you don't have a can of WD-40, try doing the same with room temperature cooking oil which helps separate the adhesive from the glass or rubbing alcohol which dissolves the adhesive completely. Of course, one of these will help your stickers come off!

How to Get Sticker Residue Off Clothes

How to Get Sticker Residue Off - Photo by Anastasia Zhenina from Pexels

How to get sticker residue off clothes is probably the easiest among others. But when comes to already-washed-and-dried clothing, it can be no good and even worse than the others! But unless you know the secret, you can easily remove sticker residue in 30 seconds or even less. So, here is how to get sticker residue off clothes you should try:

  • Step 1. The first thing you need to do is to dip a white washcloth or cotton ball in rubbing alcohol.
  • Step 2. And then, rub the sticker with a cotton ball or rag. You don't need to scrub it. Just be sure the whole sticker is soaked.
  • Step 3. After wetting the sticker area sufficiently, peel it off! It should come off right away, but if it doesn't, rub some more rubbing alcohol over it.
  • Step 4. To remove all residue of the sticker, rub the area a little more. If you’re facing a really stubborn residue, you may have to gently pick a little.
  • Step 5. Lastly, wash the clothing item again.

How to get sticker residue off clothes isn’t that difficult after all.

How to Get Sticker Residue Off Plastic

How to Get Sticker Residue Off - Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Among the best ways how to get sticker residue off plastic is by applying rubbing alcohol and peanut butter. In this section, Tripboba will be sharing the process using the methods mentioned.

1. Rubbing alcohol (or vodka)

Now, if you want to know how to get sticker residue off plastic and other objects like wood and glass, one of the most effective solvents that is safe for most surfaces is rubbing alcohol. 

To do this, wet a paper towel or clean cloth with rubbing alcohol, and then scrub the residue to remove it. For stickers that are stubborn, you can place a cloth dampened with alcohol on the area, and let it sit for a few minutes to soften the residue. Use the rag to wipe off what's left.

2. Peanut butter

To use this method, spread the peanut butter on the spot and let it sit until the sticker residue softens. Use a clean rag to remove the peanut butter and residue. This method can also be applied on wood and glass.

How to Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop

How to Get Sticker Residue Off - Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Laptop stickers can also be challenging to peel off. As you know, laptops are among the most sticker-covered items that many people own. Whether it’s warranty seals, serial number stickers, or activation code stickers. If you’re looking for how to get sticker residue off laptop, have a look at the following methods and give them a try!

1. Abrasive

You can apply a mild abrasive like magic eraser, toothpaste, Scotch Brite pads, or baking soda paste directly onto the sticker to remove it by applying it. You can also rub a slightly damp microfiber cloth over the uncoated sticker to remove it.

However, it's best to be careful when using this method because using an abrasive that is too strong and excessive friction will damage the surface underneath, especially if your laptop case is made of plastic. Abrasive materials can also scrape metal-coated laptop surfaces. If you must use an abrasive cleaner, use the gentlest you can find.

2. Oil based substance

By applying mineral oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, lotions, petroleum jelly, and other similar ingredients to stickers can moisten the broth and help loosen the adhesive, making it easier to peel or scrape off.

  • Step 1. To do this, simply dab a small amount of oil with a clean cloth directly onto the sticker, and let the ingredients soak in.
  • Step 2. Be careful and make sure to avoid holes and crevices in your laptop. This method works best on uncoated stickers with paper stock. This will take more time for waterproof stickers, or ones that have a plastic coating, as the grease will only get under the edges.
  • Step 3. In this case, you can leave enough oil on the sticker for a few minutes to work under the sticker.
  • Step 4. Simply peel or scrape the sticker off with a plastic card or scraper after a few minutes.
  • Step 5. After you remove the sticker, be sure to wipe the treated area immediately with a clean cloth to remove any residual adhesive and grease, as prolonged contact with these materials can discolor or damage the surface.
  • Step 6. You can also wipe your laptop with a slightly damp cloth to clean the case.

3. Solvents

Substances like matchstick, mineral spirits, WD-40, and Goo Gon – and other oil-based substances can dissolve the adhesive on stickers, so they can easily rub off or peel off. Oil-based solvents such as acetone, rubbing alcohol, Windex, as well as vinegar and water can also effectively loosen stickers on your laptop.

  • Step 1. Again, be sure to avoid seams or holes in your laptop.
  • Step 2. Apply your solvent to a clean cloth and dampen the sticker around the edges.
  • Step 3. Leave it a few minutes to work on the sticker, then carefully remove it.
  • Step 4. After you have removed the sticker, proceed to wipe the surface with a clean, lint-free cloth to remove solvent and adhesive residue.
  • Step 5. Then, you can finish with a slightly damp cloth to clean the surface. This step is important because leaving solvents on your laptop can cause the plastic to break down prematurely.

4. Heat gun and hair dryer

This is probably the neatest way to remove stickers from your laptop.

  • Step 1. If you’re using this method, remember to use the lowest setting and point your hair dryer or heat gun directly at the sticker you want to remove for 30-45 seconds.
  • Step 2. If your hair dryer or heat gun gives off uncomfortable heat even at the lowest setting, reduce the amount of time for each pass, because too much heat can damage your laptop.
  • Step 3. After a few passes, you should be able to remove most of the sticker easily and without tearing or residue.
  • Step 4. If the sticker is still on, try placing it under the edge with your fingernail, plastic scraper, or credit card and try to remove some of the sticker.
  • Step 5. The moment you can partially lift, the rest of the sticker will be easy to remove by hand.


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