5 Methods How to Rotate Screen Windows 10 You Should Try!

5 Methods How to Rotate Screen Windows 10 You Should Try!
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Tripboba.com - Not many people know that the screen display on a computer can be flipped at will. You can do this method of how to rotate screen windows 10 easily. Not complicated like computer tutorials in general. But before you know how to flip the screen, you first need to know what you're flipping the screen for.

Why You Have to Know How to Rotate Screen Windows 10

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The existence of a feature to flip the screen on a computer operating system, of course, has a specific purpose. Generally these purpose of how to rotate screen windows 10 include the following 3 things.

  • Looking At the Image from Another Perspective

Many pictures sometimes provide many perspectives to see it. Images that are made are usually intended to provide another meaning that different points of view will produce different interpretations.

  • Training the Difference Cursor Movement

When the screen is rotated, moving the mouse cursor will do the opposite. When the screen is reversed, a mouse that is moved right will produce a cursor that moves to the left. Mouse is moved downwards, mouse cursor moves up. The same is true the other way around.

  • Pranking Your Friends

The third reason is for fun. Fad here means that you turn the screen with the aim of just for fun, aka without any purpose. Just behind the scenes and turned around again. Besides for fun, the reason you flip the screen is to prank friends as is usually done on Android phones by making the screen appear to be cracked.

Suppose you are upset with a friend, you borrow a laptop and then you turn the screen around. When your friend wears it, of course he will be confused about why the screen is reversed. And well he will definitely be annoyed.

This method of how to rotate screen windows 10 is arguably a harmless prank because it will only make your friends confused and upset. It could also surprise your friends to get an inverted screen display. When you have finished reversing the screen of your friend preferably, return the screen display to normal.

How to Rotate Screen Windows 10 Laptop

How to Rotate Screen Windows 10 Laptop
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Whatever your purpose of turning the screen is, the way to flip the computer screen is relatively easy. You can do this in a number of ways. Without further ado, here are 5 easiest and simplest ways to flip a computer screen.

After knowing the purpose of reversing the computer screen, then let’s see how to rotate screen windows 10 steps below. Check out the following explanation.

  • Set the Display Settings

The first method is the easiest way, namely in the Windows operating system default screen settings section. For example in Windows 10, the flip-screen setting is in the display settings section. The trick is as follows.

  • Right click on the main screen, then select Display Settings.
  • Select the Orientation.
  • There are 4 options available. To flip the screen, select the "Landscape (flipped) mode."
  • The screen will be inverted 180 degrees.

    These steps are pretty easy and commonly exist in any version of Windows. You can just do the simple steps above.

    • Using the Intel Graphic Option

    This method only works for computers or laptops that use an Intel chipset. Generally laptops that use Intel processors with integrated graphics from Intel. The method is also quite easy.

    Usually the Intel Graphic Options display appears if you right-click on the screen. Similar to the first way. Then select the "graphic option." After that select "rotate." Choose "rotate 180 degrees" to rotate the screen upside down.

    • Using the Nvidia Control Panel

    Another way of how to rotate screen windows 10 can be done if your computer or laptop uses an Nvidia graphics card. The method is quite easy. Just enter the Nvidia control panel by right clicking on the screen. After that select the "rotate display." Later there will be options exactly like the previous choices to rotate your screen.

      • Using AMD Catalyst

      For those of you who use an AMD graphics card, how to rotate or flip the screen can be done by entering the AMD Catalyst program. In the past, the name AMD Catalyst Control Center has now changed to AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition.

      The method of how to rotate screen windows 10 is almost the same as the method used in the previous. Namely, enter the AMD Catalyst software option by right clicking on the screen. After that, select "Common Display Tasks" and select "Rotate Desktop."

      How to Rotate Screen Windows 10 Shortcut

      Another popular way is to use a combination on the keyboard. As shown in the picture, to reverse the screen, just press Ctrl + Alt + Arrow (arrow). The directions are as follows.

      • Ctrl + Alt + down direction, a combination to reverse the screen display.
      • Ctrl + Alt + upward combination to return to the original screen display.
      • Ctrl + Alt + left direction, combination to flip the screen view to the left by 90 °.
      • Ctrl + Alt + right direction combination to flip the screen to the right 90 °.
      Those are 5 methods of how to rotate screen windows 10 using different ways that are easy. You can do it based on the video graphics used by your laptop. Good luck!


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