Plague Inc Fungus: An Easy Tutorial to Win This Game!

Plague Inc Fungus: An Easy Tutorial to Win This Game!
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SHARE - The Plague Inc Fungus is a very difficult level from Plague Inc. game, especially in Brutal mode. Spreading your mushrooms in all countries of the world is a real challenge and finding a cure makes rapid progress.

These factors make your efforts to spread the planet very frustrating if you are not prepared with the right strategy. The secret to overcoming the fungus level is to hide it until it infects every living person, before triggering fatal symptoms.

How to Beat Plague Inc Fungus: Step-by-Step You Should Follow

Choose the right genes. Mushrooms are a very difficult level, especially in Brutal mode, so you have to choose the right genes to win. If you don't have the following available, choose the one you like or the closest.

  • DNA Genes - Metabolic Piracy or Cytochrome Release. Metabolic hijacking automatically appears in red and orange bubbles. This is useful because all red bubbles appear immediately when you use the fungus Spore Discharge ability. Cytochrome release allows you to get more DNA from orange bubbles.
  • Passenger Genes - Bullying. This helps the fungus to cross borders between countries. Do not update the transmission system with a ship or aircraft, because the fungus does not spread well with this method.
  • The evolutionary gene - Patho-stasis. This gene stops the increase in DNA costs from increasing and will be very useful for you.
  • Gene in mutation - Genetic Imitation or Creationist. Both of these options make the fungus more resistant to healing.
  • Environmental gene - Extremophile. This gene offers bonus mushrooms in all environments, supporting its spread over the land. If you do not have this option, choose the most useful update depending on the country of departure.

Select the country of departure. There is a lot of discussion about what are the best initial conditions for mushrooms. China is a widely used choice because high population density allows this disease to spread faster.

  • China seems to be the most reliable choice thanks to its large population, port, and large size.
  • Other countries where you can start are Madagascar and India. Other guides suggest leaving for Norway to successfully infect Greenland and Iceland.
  • Even starting from Saudi Arabia and South Africa you can win.
  • Choose a country with many inhabitants and many ports.

Plague Inc Fungus Strategy: Tips to Beat the Plague Inc Fungus

Eliminate all symptoms obtained from mutations. If people start paying attention to your fungal symptoms, progress toward treatment will be much faster and you might be defeated.

  • The secret to surviving fungi is to eliminate all symptoms obtained from spontaneous mutations before they are known by the population.
  • You must continue to eliminate symptoms throughout the game. The fungus will develop new ones spontaneously, so be careful to react quickly.
  • You can consider the Translesion + gene if you have problems with the cost of relieving symptoms. This gene stops the increased cost of DNA to eliminate undesirable traits.

Improve transmission skills and drug resistance. Early in the game, your goal should be to increase the durability and transmission capacity of your mushrooms. Develop the following skills to help spread the disease:

  • Air and Water 1.
  • Also, Uccello 1 can be useful for the presence of fungus in bird droppings. However, this trait is not always necessary.
  • Drug resistance, heat, and cold 1.
  • After bringing these qualities to level 1, focus on Spore Burst's abilities before bringing it to level 2.

Winning Plague Inc Fungus: Enlarge the Area to Spread Your Virus

Begin to improve the Spore Drain skill. This is the special ability of mushrooms and makes diffusion among countries easier.

  • Spore shock continues to grow until you get the Spore Enhancement ability.
  • Every time you buy Spore Shock, you will automatically infect a new country.
  • Save some Spore Discharges for the final stages of the game, where they will be useful for infecting the most difficult to reach countries. In particular, if you have not successfully infected Greenland, the Spore Blast can prove to be very important.

This increases mold resistance. At this point, you only need to wait for the disease to spread. The Spore Discharge capability will allow you to infect new conditions, so only focus on fungal resistance. Develop the following properties:

  • Resistance to drugs, hot and cold 2.
  • Strengthening the environment.

Plague Inc Fungus Normal Tips: How to Keep Winning on Plague Inc Fungus

  • Don't let any symptoms appear before you infect the whole world.
  • Don't waste DNA dots on power-ups that you don't need. This means you don't have to develop transmission skills that don't support the spread of mold.
  • Don't use all of your Discharge Spores immediately. Wait until you have a great chance to infect the most difficult countries to reach. You also have to make sure to store 8 DNA points to get Spore Eruption right before you start experiencing symptoms.
  • Be patient. Mushroom is a very slow disease. If you hurry, you will not be able to win.

The steps above can your guidance to win the Plague Inc Fungus. There might be some additional tips you can apply during playing the game. A great strategy will lead you to beat the fungus and also winning the game. Good luck!


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