How to Update Firefox: Some Tips and Tricks to Update Your Mozilla Firefox

How to Update Firefox: Some Tips and Tricks to Update Your Mozilla Firefox
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SHARE - By its default setting, Mozilla Firefox browser is set to update automatically. When a new version is released, Firefox browser will automatically download the update and install it when you open the Firefox browser.

However, due to some problems and issues, you might experience the automatic updates don't work properly. Don’t worry, there’s another way to update your Mozilla Firefox manually. Here are some basic information you should know about how to update Firefox before deciding to update the browser.

What to Know Before Installing New Updates

Mozilla always emphasizes to continue updating their browsers. You are strongly discouraged from using the older version of the Firefox browser. Or you can turn off automatic Firefox browser updates. Disabling updates and staying on older versions of the Firefox browser is very risky. Through security holes that may exist in the Firefox browser, your computer and personal data can be attacked.

Updates are very important to fix and patch the security holes found in the previous version. The update brings you new features that you may need. The update also brings improvements to existing features so that they become better and more perfect. In other words, the Firefox browser update is very important and recommended.

So, how to update Firefox properly? Well, Tripboba will share with you different tutorials on how to update Firefox on your device. Let's get started!

How to Update Mozilla Firefox Manually

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Updating the Firefox browser manually is not that difficult. You only need some easy steps to follow and voila, your Mozilla Firefox is up to date! So, without wasting time, here is how to update Firefox manually.

Step 1. To get started, click the Open menu icon in the upper right corner, then click the Help menu, and then click About Firefox. Alternatively, press the Alt keyboard key to display the Firefox browser menu bar, then click the Help menu (1) and then click About Firefox (2).

Step 2. In the About Mozilla Firefox window that appears, Firefox will check for the latest updates and download them automatically.

Step 3. When the update download process is complete, click the Restart button to update Firefox to update the Firefox browser. The Firefox browser will then restart.

If the Firefox browser update doesn't work, doesn't finish or some problems are appearing, you can try the Firefox browser update failed solution. If the update process went well, you can check the current version of the Firefox browser.

How to Update Firefox Browser

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Here are some alternatives of how to update Firefox you can try.

  • Firefox is available in many languages for Windows, Mac, and Linux, in both 32-bit and 64-bit. You can see all these downloads on one page on the Mozilla site live.
  • Firefox is also available for Android devices through the Google Play Store and Apple devices from iTunes.
  • A pre-release version of Firefox is also available for download. You can find it on Mozilla's Releases Page.

Important: Some "download sites" offer the latest versions of Firefox, but some provide additional software that their browsers may not want to download.

Fixing Issues in How to Make Firefox Update in Windows 7 and Windows 8

  • See further Help for information on how to update Mozilla Firefox on the official site or posts on the technical support forums and more.
  • Be sure to tell what version of Firefox you are using (or trying to update or install), the version of Windows or another operating system you are using or the error you received, and what steps you have taken to try to fix the problem that occurred with your browser.

The Benefits of Updating Mozilla Firefox

  • The advantage of activating automatic updates on Firefox remains. Because this is certainly a useful feature in Firefox. Namely, you can update the application without bothering to reinstall it. That is because it's automatic, you don't need to do anything to rejuvenate your Firefox.
  • That's great, because every time Firefox releases its latest update, we can enjoy it too. The name of updating the browser is also important. The problem is that the developer continues to innovate and fix previous mistakes and then gives the best through these updates.
  • But even so, there are disadvantages too, if we activate this auto-update. For example, when we want to rush to find assignments or want to use the internet immediately, Firefox still needs to do the update process first. This is quite disturbing.
  • Not to mention the slow internet. Then the update process can take longer. Yes, buddy?
  • But it all depends on your own decision. Do you want to disable or activate the auto-update feature in Firefox or not? The important thing is that your Firefox doesn't matter, it doesn't need to be a problem.
Those are several ways on how to update Firefox that you can do. Keeping your browser in updates will be a good way to make the browsing experience better. You should also keep the automatic updates on. Good luck!


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