How to Restring a Guitar: A Helpful Tutorial!

Jun 15, 2020 03:40 PM

Pixabay - Photo by meisjedevos

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Learning to play guitar is definitely a challenge. But has it ever crossed your mind that you’ll also have to change your guitar strings?

To get the lower notes, the bass needs to be thicker. That means they're made with a core wire and then wrapped around an outer wire. The outer wire is made of either 80/20 Bronze or Bronze Phosphorus. These strings are called "wound".

The trebles are made of one strand of nickel-plated steel and are known as "plain." The wound bass windings get gunked up with dead skin cells, finger oil, mud, and lots of other yucky stuff when you perform. That means they no longer sound as bright and crisp as they don't evenly vibrate.

Keep in mind that you need to change all 6 at the same time when you change them so you get a tone that is even. How to restring a guitar? Below is a step-by-step guide on how to restring a guitar. Simply follow this guide on how to restring a guitar and shortly you will have restrung your guitar.

1. How to Restring a Guitar: Removing the Old Strings

Image from Derek K. Miller via Flickr

Step 1
Turn the machine heads clockwise first to slack them and then remove them from the tuning pegs.

Step 2
Push the end down into the guitar 's body at the bridge pin. Don't panic if you can't push it because they can be close at times. If it does, then go to stage 5.

Step 3
The bridge pins should be easily removable. If they are tight you might need a Bridge Pin Puller.

Step 4
Now remove the old fetters gently from the openings. Recall in which hole was the thickest in.

Step 5
Use the Bridge Pin Puller to pull the bridge pins out, if they are very rigid. Place the pins sideways.

2. How to Restring a Guitar: Clean the Guitar

Image from Jack Ellis via Flickr

Step 1
Now a great time to get the polish out and give your guitar a thorough clean.

Step 2
If you have some lemon oil, put this on a cloth and rub it into the fingerboard to nourish the wood.

Step 3
Make sure you clean both sides of the frets as this is where a lot of dirt builds up.

Step 4
Now give your guitar a thorough polish.

3. How to Restring a Guitar: Putting New Strings on an Acoustic Guitar

Image from Michael Lohr via Flickr

Step 1
Using all the new strings, make a 45 ° bend at the ball end. This will help them stay up and running.

Step 2
Take the thickest, and drive the ball into the hole in question.

Step 3
Take one of the aforementioned bridge pins. Remember that it has a hole cut in it, this will hold the string and face the hole against the back.

Step 4
Move the bridge pin with the thickest string into the hole. Only use ample pressure to force it into position. Seek not to jam it down, just use glue.

Step 5
Do the same with the remaining ones, slowly going from the thickest to the thinnest.

Step 6
Once all of them are in place, pull gently on each to ensure that the ball is at the bottom of the bridge pin.

Step 7
Start with the thickest, and draw it to the heads of the system over the saddle and the top nut

Step 8
Move the end (from inside to outside) via the tuning peg and draw it relatively close.

Step 9
Pass the string around the rear of the tuning peg and underneath.

Step 10
Pull the end over the top of yourself now.

Step 11
Turn the head of the machine anti-clockwise for slight tightening. When both of them are in place we must tun the guitar.

Step 12
Move the remainder of the end downwards.

Step 13
Now take a pair of cutters for the thread. Here we are using the Planet Waves Pro-Winder which has a puller built into peg winder, cutter, and bridge pin.

Step 14
Snip off the end of the over.

Step 15
Repeat the same with the remaining 5, slowly from the thickest to the thinnest.

That's all about the easy steps on how to restring a guitar! Now, your guitar can be tuned. Happy playing!


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