How to Get Over A Crush: 8 Healthy Strategies for Moving On

How to Get Over A Crush: 8 Healthy Strategies for Moving On
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SHARE - It can feel wonderful having a new crush. When you spend time together, you look forward to seeing them and feel energized, even euphoric. There may also be a possibility that the feelings are mutual, based on the situation.

You may feel devastated when your relationship with your crush does not go anywhere. And the experience is unpleasant. Maybe your crush is someone off-limits, such as a married friend or a fellow worker.

These crushes are very common, but they're always difficult to get over, even though you know you can't get involved from the beginning.

How to get over a crush? If you're having a hard time moving on, these 14 tips can help you on how to get over a crush. Scroll down to know the healthy tips on how to get over a crush!

How to Get Over A Crush on A Friend

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Weirdly, it will make the emotions even more intense if you try to avoid them. This situation is not strange or odd, as uniquely stressful as it seems, and there are some healthy ways on how to get over a crush on a friend!

Step 1. Accept your feelings

Accepting your emotions is the most important thing you need to know on how to get over a crush. You have to accept that before you can start getting over a crush. Initially, it is normal to reject romantic feelings, particularly if you crush a good friend, boss, or someone you deem out of control.

Step 2. Look for a friend whom you can talk about the situation

Talk to your mom or best friend and get all your feelings out on the table. If you don't fully trust yourself to ignore your crush, ask one of your closest mates to keep you focused on your goal. It would also help to chat with your friend about how you feel. They might even give you real-time advice you'll need!

Step 4. Set boundaries

Another step to minimize the crush is to make guidelines for your everyday life on how to cope with them. Setting limitations that regulate how much you talk or care about them may encourage you to take control of the situation. Crushes are not necessarily unprovoked. Whether we are accessible or not, we all want to flirt. To keep it professional, if your crush flirts with you, just communicate with them in a group. At first, it may be a little uncomfortable, but it can help curtail feelings in the workplace.

How to Get Over A Crush at Work

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There's nothing wrong with having a crush or even dating a coworker. However, if you'd like to move on from that feeling, that phase, for whatever reasons that you may have, below are some practical ways that will help you to get over your crush who you meet almost daily at work.

Step 1. Maintain professionalism

You should try to do this and make more effort to finish your regular tasks. Sure, particularly if you're in the same area most days, it's hard not to ignore the person. It will still be possible for a true professional to put aside their differences with all other staff, and yes, that will include your crush.

Step 2. Minimize contact

This, particularly when it comes to working, is one of the hardest things to do. It's not best to ignore your crush absolutely because it can affect your work. Limit all that has to do with work to your contact. You should still throw up the "I'm busy" card if your crush wants to start up a discussion. Using this will support you significantly when you work through your emotions.

Step 3. Stop going to after-work events

Getting over someone for whom you have emotions won't happen immediately. It would also probably not occur if you still see the individual and manage to hang out with them. That isn't the best way to start getting over a crush. It's not terrible to miss out on any lunch or after-work meals! Or maybe when you're sure your crush won't be there, you should come. Give yourself only a matter of time to breathe comfortably without being in the way of your crush.

Step 4. Keep yourself busy

Focus and concentrate on your work and tasks. It's the absolute best you can do. Not only does it take your mind away from your crush, but as an employee, you'll be able to reflect on your progress. Hey, work harder! Your employer might also see how much effort you put in and give you a raise or a gift. You'll never know.


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